Bring our troops home

Mar 5, 2014
“I’ll take the Operation Enduring Freedom category for $1.4 trillion dollars, Alex”

“President Obama on Feb. 25 informed Afghan President Hamid Karzai, our NATO allies and the American people that the United States is finally planning an orderly withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of the year if President Karzai does not sign the Bilateral Security Agreement”

“What is BYE!”

“Even though the answer is supposed to be in the form of a question, the judges, fully understanding your exuberance, will accept your, and the United States, BYE!”

Wonder where the money went? — Part I: According to statistical breakdown of the Department of Defense spending for Operation Enduring Freedom, the $1.4 trillion includes all the appropriations Congress made to the military through the Pentagon since the start in 2001.

Plus, the future payments, along with interest, on money borrowed to finance the operation, plus, future obligations for U.S. veterans’ medical and disability payments through 2053.

More proof that just about everybody makes a profit on war except our brave soldiers and taxpayers.

More proof that wars never end.

Wonder where the money went? —Part II: Add in the cost of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the cost of United States wars this century through 2013 is $3.1 trillion.

And counting.

With more than three times the brave soldiers, 14, who’ve given their lives so far in Afghanistan compared to this time last year, a year when 127 of our finest died fighting on foreign soil, a plan for total withdrawal is a heck of a lot better than the plan in the works now.

In fact, the fact is the Pentagon has been pushing for a plan that allows the United States to keep up to 10,000 troops in Afghanistan after 2014.

However, and yes there’s always a however;

However, after President Karzai talked to our President Obama last week about a vital security agreement that would allow the United States to keep troops in Afghanistan after 2014, a pact which Karzai is refusing to sign, saying he wants his successor to sign the pact after elections this spring, President Obama asked the Pentagon to plan for a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of this year.

So, now the Pentagon is planning the plan for complete withdrawal by the end of the year. A plan Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel stated is moving ahead:

“With my strong support. This is a prudent step given that President Karzai has demonstrated that it is unlikely that he will sign the Bilateral Security Agreement, which would provide Department of Defense personnel with critical protections and authorities after 2014”

With the Afghanistan presidential elections a month from today, because of term limits, Karzai can’t run, its pretty much a given neither of the top two candidates, Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, if elected, are going to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement.

I would give you the names of the other nine Afghan presidential candidates but my spell checker, thanks to my massive doses of spell guessing, needs a rest. The campaign for president in Afghanistan does make me wonder just exactly how big are their bumper stickers.

Vote for Sardar Mohammad Nadir Naeem.

Truthfully, after 13-plus years of Operation Enduring Freedom, this is the perfect political excuse for President Obama to have for all our troops to leave Afghanistan. Especially when the old and new presidents disagree with President Obama on how their security forces should be run.

So there you have it, President Obama stating that if Afghanistan President Karzai does not sign the Bilateral Security Agreement the United States will plan an orderly withdrawal of Afghanistan.

With today being Ash Wednesday, I’ve always been impressed with the things people have given up for Lent such as alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex and chocolate.

Here’s hoping President Obama, instead of giving up one of those vices for Lent, will keep something he’s addicted to for Lent.

A promise.

Specifically, his Afghanistan withdrawal promise.




No it's not. If 16 yr. old boys knew how to behave they might not get droned! Terrorists are made daily regardless. It would be nice if you and those like you would have the same compassion for the boys that were gunned down in Florida!



Re: "If 16 yr. old boys knew how to behave they might not get droned!"

What was Abdulrahman crime?

The Obama admin. says that it's a SECRET.

Good to see that you condone murder.


What was Trayvon's crime or Jordan's crime? Walking while black or listening to loud music is not a crime but plotting to kill Americans is.


Re: "What was Trayvon's crime or Jordan's crime?"

You think that Obama secretly ordered Trayvon shot?

Your Alzheimer’s is bad ‘turd, real bad.

The Big Dog's back

Psssst! pooh. The moron in you is showing

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Doublethink much?

Stop It

Defense/Offense War Machine/Contractors have any sitting POTUS by the balls.
If we quit wars:
They will lay off in a heart beat, putting a great many outta work.
They will threaten we won't have the latest and greatest.
They already are selling to enemies, nothing will stop them from doing it even more if we don't pay our "rent" for "protection".



JM Keynes noted that military production and wars are good for an economy.

Herr Hitler and the boys used the method to take Germany from a bankrupt country to a world power within a matter of years.

Getting off the "sauce" and into rehab will be next to impossible.

It's the CIA's job to seek out the next theater for U.S. military adventurism.


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So does that mean you need someone to break your windows so we can stimulate this here economy? LULZ


Re: "someone to break your windows,"

The "broken window theory" works - just ask N. Orleans $1T + later.

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Hey, I got an idea... Farmers are poor and need money... Let's burn %60 of their crops and that way they can charge %60 more!! That'll be great for the farmers and the only folks who will suffer are the people that eat.

Hey, I got a better idea... Instead of burning %60 of the crops, how about we just pay the farmer to grow %60 less!

Keynesian economics is the most bass ackward thing ever and absolutely, positively at the root cause of why the Earth sucks in 2014...


Re: "Keynesian economics,"

Mr. Keynes said to save during the good times and pump prime in the bad.

The jamokes in DC practice bastardized Keynesianism and only know how to spend, spend, spend.

This economy went off the rails when FDR decided that the Fed Resv. was a tool for progressive pet projects instead of a source of liquidity during a banking crisis.

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So Raygun, the Bushes and Clinton practiced Keynesian economics? Who knew?

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Every president since Woodrow Wilson has been a Keynesian puppet with the Federal Reserve and Rothschild banking family pulling the strings.
The president of the USSA has real power like Jared can boss around Subway stockholders.

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Contango, have you ever looked into The Austrian school of economics?
Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Friedrich Hayek, Robert Murphy?

If not, PLEASE, I beg you... Search Youtube for "Murray Rothbard" and give him an hour. I promise you'll never look at economics the same ever again.


Re: "have you ever looked into,"

Got four von Mises books on my shelf, one by FA Hayek and one by Hazlitt.

Had dinner in Chicago in '92 with Andre Marrou and Nancy Lord.

Yea, I know a thing or two about it.


Chuck: Do you have a mirror in your house that works?????

Stop It

The younger generation know it as "Kobayashi Maru". My generation know it as "Catch-22".

A no win situation...."Yossarian!!!"


In psychology it's referred to as a double bind.

Square that circle!

I'm investing in Cyberdyne Systems and hoping for the best.


You really need to run for an elected position pooh, you've have all the answers. **


Agreed! Wrong answers but answers!


Re: "Agreed!"

Sad about your Alzheimer’s.


Re "You (snip)"

Keep blo'n your nonsense bizzaro.

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Yes he does kurt. He has "answers" to everything.

Pterocarya frax...

So Winnie, when you make 29 posts on this thread in less than 24 hours, under 2 different user names, does it get difficult to remember which persona you are supposed to be using as you switch back and forth?

Stop It

You have proof that Tango posts under other handles? Do tell.

Dr. Information

Bring the troops home Obama. The only thing you have done is follow through with the Bush pullout of Iraq and then you turned around and dumped all those troops in Afghanistan.

Honestly, I think Obama and those dems are so nervous about bringing all those troops home, only to find out they can't get jobs. Oh well, more unemployment and more on the government yit. Free money for all until its gone.

Ned Mandingo

If they pull out where is the CIA going to get their heroin to smuggle? That country has gone from producing 10% of the worlds heroin to 90% since our army occupied it.


I'll be heading there in a few weeks GULP!