Let the games begin

Feb 7, 2014


After the warning athletes representing the U.S.A. received from the State Department two weeks ago about the dangers of participating in the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, the Denver Broncos have got to wonder why the State Department didn’t warn them about the dangers of participating in Super Bowl 48.

With all the concern over the athletes’ safety, perhaps the Olympic committee should have added a couple more events for countries competing in the winter games such as the Cross Country Skiing Terrorist Search, the Drone Biathlon and the Bomb Sniffing Dog Sled competition.

Tonight’s opening ceremony’s grand finale at Fisht Olympic Stadium will be the traditional “Parade of Nations” and the U.S.A. delegation of athletes should be, but won’t be, led by Matthew Olsen.

Olsen is not a captain of the USA Luge, Curling or Nordic teams but the director of our country’s National Counterterrorism Center, who three days ago, while speaking at a House Intelligence Committee hearing, expressed concern over the Olympics and whether Muslim fundamentalists in disputed regions of Russia and various other groups could launch deadly attacks on selected targets.

This is just one of the concerns he expressed before the committee last Tuesday when he stated:

“There are a number of specific threats of varying degrees of credibility that we’re tracking, and we’re working very closely with the Russians and with other partners to monitor any threats we see and to disrupt those”

Throw in that the U.S. Olympic Committee advised our athletes to avoid wearing their uniforms or Team U.S.A. logos outside Olympic venues and you have the trifecta, gold, silver and bronze, of warnings for athletic citizens of the U.S.A. in Sochi, Russia.

It begs the question: Why are we there?

So American moose and squirrel (Bullwinkle and Rocky) can make Boris Badenov and Natasha look bad in front of their fearless leader?

The fearless leader, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who last Tuesday, during a phone conversation with President Obama, when our commander in chief offered to provide help to Russia to ensure security for the event, said:


In order to save all you Communists the time and trouble of emailing me on the correct Ruskie spelling of no, my suggestion on that would be, Het!

According to The Washington Post, The White House has signaled concern over Russia’s security preparations for the Winter Games in the Black Sea Resort of Sochi that WH officials have privately complained about Moscow’s refusal to share intelligence on terror threats.

So much so the Pentagon has announced it is deploying two warships to the Black Sea as an, ahem, “precaution” in case of a terrorist attack.

That’s right. Islamist insurgents based in North Caucasus republics such as Dagestan have vowed to disrupt the games in a bid to undercut Putin.

The Cold War wasn’t cool the first time, and it’s certainly heating up this time around. Especially with the U.S.A. playing the game during the Games.

Not the cold war games with Russia but the games with American corporation$ that spend millions of dollars on advertising and sponsoring the Olympics.

Our American athletics do not need to go overseas into countries where terrorism is a daily threat, but American corporation$ do.

The same American corporation$ that give contributions to our elected officials in Washington, who are the same elected officials who have said not one iota about our American athletes going into a hostile foreign environment.

Because no matter how they perform, it’s America’s corporation$ that bring home the gold, silver and bronze.

Before something bad happens, here’s hoping it doesn’t happen bad in Sochi. It’s time for Congress to rethink where they send our dedicated American athletes and convince the very corporation$ that convince them with political donations that the International Olympic Committee, which thrives on their sponsorship and advertising money, that instead of accepting the site with the highest bid to accept the bid with the safest site.

Could it happen?

Hmmm, American corporation$ giving up higher profits for higher safety.

Do you believe in miracles?



Re: "The Pentagon has announced it is deploying two warships to the Black Sea,"

Also of note:

After being removed last yr, U.S. tanks have returned to Germany for "training purposes."


Rumor has it that after the Olympics, Mr. Putin may make a run at helping his friends in the Ukraine.


Why is it so difficult to unravel the Military Industrial Complex?

The Obama admin. wanted to mothball the USS Geo. Washington, but then backtracked after facing opposition.

"Lawmakers, facing pressures from defense contractors and local communities, often oppose proposed cuts to military bases, aircraft and shipbuilding programs and weapons systems."

What U.S. Representative or Senator wants to be responsible for the loss of jobs in his/her district or state?



Meanwhile, elsewhere in the world:

"Japanese premier Shinzo Abe compares tension between Tokyo and Beijing to that in Europe before First World War"


"Old men declare war but it is the youth that must fight and die"

- Herbert C. Hoover.


Russia was awarded the 2014 winter olympics in 2007. They have been preparing for it for 7 years. No one forces the US atheletes to go. They have been training for the olympics for years and knew where they were going to be held. They went of their own free will.