What's my name?

Dec 4, 2013


Just a few after Thanksgiving leftovers are left. Not the turkey or pumpkin pie leftovers, those are long gone. Burp!

Instead I have some delicious leftovers to digest so I don’t get leftover because sometimes, more often than not, in order to look ahead you have to look back.

So, in the rearview mirror.

To sign or not to sign? That has been the question for quite a few newspapers, including the Sandusky Register, as many are now requiring their readers that comment on stories to sign in with their “real” name instead of the clever CB handles from the 1970s.

The instant interaction for readers to be able to comment on one or all printed stories is one of the greatest things to happen to newspapers since Don Lee learned how to connect the dots.


Yes, there’s always a however.

However, as much as I enjoy the multiple viewpoints commenters give for me to consider, personally I feel they would have more impact if they were signed with the commenters’ real name as they respond to articles, columns and stories written by Tom Jackson, Andy Ouriel, Alissa Widman and Matt Westerhold to name a few of the many who sign their name to what they write.

After all, how valid would you believe a newspaper is if its articles, columns and stories were written by “Paper K9” 24MEnone 4U, Invisibleman or Hoefert?

Wait! That last name is real.

It has to be, it’s the name on my Hawaiian birth certificate.

Predictions from the past, Part I — As I predicted back in August, in these very pages, The Ohio State Buckeyes won all their preseason tackle football games leading up to “The Game”

Then, as I also wrote way back when the grass was green and the skies were blue, they would win against that team from up north, which they did.

That was easy.

With the Big Ten Championship game this Saturday night in Indianapolis against Michigan State, the predicting still remains easy, to the point of plain and simple, as the Buckeyes will plainly and simply win this game.

What I can’t predict is who the Bowl Championship Series will choose to play in their National Championship game Jan. 6, 2014, in Pasadena. But I can predict when the BCS is replaced with a fourteam playoff to conclude the 2014–15 season, cleverly called the College Football Playoff, that NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision fans will not miss the BCS.

Predictions from the past, Part II — My Oct. 16 prediction of the Browns losing all their games from that point on until they won the Jacksonville game — Oops! — brought my record to 8 wins and 4 losses.

I could’ve, would’ve and should’ve been 12 and 0, but as we now know the Browns accidentally won four games. Even with a 4-8 record they still have a better winning percentage than ObamaCare.

With just four wins this season and four games to go, my prediction —and probably yours also — is when the final whistle blows in Pittsburgh four days after Christmas the Browns will still have four wins.

Perhaps the weakest argument for commenters to not sign their real names to their viewpoints is that if their names were known by those who disagreed with them that they might suffer physical harm to themselves or their homes.

Since July 5, 2002, I have written more than 500 viewpoints according to my crapbooks, err, scrapbooks in the attic on just about every topic there is to offer a viewpoint on, and I’m sure I’ve upset enough people to fill Ohio Stadium a few times. But 99.9 percent of us believe the sticks and stones axiom.

Words will never hurt me.

Plus, they don’t mean anything if there is not a real name to reference the comments to.

That explains why George Will, Kathleen Parker and Chuck Hoefert will continue to use their real names instead of Alfred E. Neuman, Pinocchio or Mother Goose.


Stop It

Sorry, Chuckie. (Bet your mom and cousins call you that. Mine do) The nome de plume is just that. People get to know the attitude that goes with each personality. Real names (if actually used) won't change that. I'd like to see the protocols. Seriously. How will the SR know my real name? Birth certificate?


Edit to add..is the SR gonna come to my house and take my picture? Will I be paid for adding content to the web page? So many variables, Chuckie.


Re: "they might suffer physical harm to themselves or their homes."

@ Mr. Hoefert:

What about family?

Maybe 'someone' 'suggests' that they have "Augie and Quito" pick up your kid(s) from school or drop in for a "chat" with your elderly parents?

(I lived in Chicago for 25 yrs. My level of trust in the human species is one of "guarded optimism." )

So you've NEVER had a threat that caused you to give pause?

You know, that .1%?

Here's a couple 'comforting' examples of posted SR comments:

“I do love my 40cal. Glock. “ - kURTje, June 25, 2011


"you need a punch in the mouth." - 4shizzle, 10/02/2013

Would you take either of these two seriously or just laugh 'em off?

Murphy's Law: If it can happen, it will.

And REMEMBER, Murphy was an optimist.


Then again, some people might consider it scary that you hold on to a two and a half year old post of kURTje's.


Re: "scary that you hold on to,"

Easy enough to do a Google search. It's out there in the public domain.

It's a "comfort" to know that you think that it should be easily dismissed.


I want to call you a hippie but you bashed Obama twice.......confused :-)

thinkagain's picture

disjointed diatribe


yes, writers use aliases all the time so commenters should be able to as well. using a real name would only bring contempt to those whose comments are not popular.

AJ Oliver

There are drawbacks to disclosing names, but it's the only way to raise the SR blogs abvove the Junior High level of discourse.


Re: "There are drawbacks to disclosing names,"

Care to elaborate?


Do they really think going to Facebook is going to mean anything? I already have 5 different Facebook profiles I use for gaming. I'll just use one of those or make up a few more. I'm not going to let the psychos on here know who I am so they can find out where I live. Not going to happen.


...because saying "real names are required" will ensure that everybody uses their real names. I just need to pick and choose which of those "real names" I intend to use. You, too, I guess. :-)


Mattress Westerhold <-- Another nom de plume in this case, but I kinda like it


I tried to post a comment to a SR news story but the comments have been disabled.

"Transportation officials take Hoty to heart"

The last comment was very interesting and I will post it here:

Wed, 12/04/2013 - 8:39am

I have been a resident in the township for quite a few years, long enough to know who the players are in this small, growing, community. I have been watching the traffic on this article and see that no one has addressed the obvious “elephant in the room.” With the next zoning meeting scheduled for next Monday, it will be interesting to see what is approved or rejected, for two reasons; 1) Hoty is a board member voting on issues directly affecting their business, 2) Spencer is a board member whose wife works directly for Hoty. How is that ethical? How can the board, in good conscience, vote on anything that will not benefit Hoty? I am sure there are other contractors who would like to get a piece of that action. How will the community benefit from this slanted review process? It can’t - it will continue to be small, but not growing. I am surprised that the Register has not addressed this issue earlier (since, again, it’s no secret).

The powers that be win again.

Use you real name and point out questionable actions in local government and you will be punished in many ways. Your property taxes will shoot up, you try to get a zoning variance, you try to get a building permit..

So why did the Sandusky Register disable the comments on the Hoty story?

Does the truth hurt?

How about a public records request from the zoning department of Perkins Township located in Erie County, Ohio?

"To obtain copies of minutes, contact the Building / Zoning Department at 419-609-1435 or zoning@perkinstownship.com."

Why aren't the zoning minutes online for all to see? Out of sight and out of mind?

Why are the Perkins Township Trustee meeting minutes so far behind?

April 23, 2013 was the last update and March 12, 2013 and March 26, 2013 minutes were skipped.

Where is the Sandusky Register story on the Perkins Township Zoning and Perkins Township Trustee minutes?

I do question why a land baron is also on the zoning board.

Stop It

Follow the $$$...


It may have been a coincidence but, as soon as the comments disappeared and were shut off, a Hoty Enterprises add appeared at the top of the web forum, alongside the first story on the page. Maybe some questions just shouldn't be asked...

Stop It

You can make those adds go away, grumpy.

The ONLY one I see is:

Local Coupon
$2 OFF
Any Entree Over $6.99
The Lunch Box
Dec 31 2013

I'm working on getting rid of that one as well. PS, anyone who scrolls past the *save* box gets what they deserve.


"Mr. Ferrell then opened a zoning hearing that had been advertised for 7001 Milan Road. Hoty Enterprises, Inc. filed the request. They are asking for change in zoning for parcels #32-04424.000, 32-04425.000, and 32-04718.000 from C-2 (Commercial) to PUD (Planned Unit Development). Ms. Schaefer read the complete legal advertisement for the hearing. The legal ad did not include parcel #32-04425.000 since it was not included in the recommendation from the Zoning Commission."

After a brief discussion of which parcels were included in the change, Mr. Printy moved to approve the recommended change in zoning for parcels #32-04424.000 and 32-04718.000, 7001 Milan Road, to PUD (Planned Unit Development)."

Land Value $900,000
CAUV Value $5,830
Tax $144.93 (year)

Land Value $275,000
CAUV Value $41,420

Land Value $175,000
CAUV Value $780
Tax $11.52 (half)

Hoty Enterprises

Centauri...we respond to your post to encourage you and any other Perkins Township resident to not only attend Perkins Zoning meetings but to be very aware of the newly drafted, but not passed, Perkins Township Zoning Code. While there are some positives in the draft, the implications in this code for the average Perkins Township resident are far-reaching, and in our opinion not necessarily beneficial. For instance, if you have a decorative pond in your backyard more than 30" deep, be advised, per the draft of the new code, you'll need a 6 foot fence around it. How many people do you think that affects and how much will that cost not only in construction but permit fees? There are many more examples of how you and your neighbors may be personally affected.

Please become informed and participate in the process. Public input is crucial.