Have you ever done a turkey trot? Our area has a couple of great races and you just may come away with a turkey to cook after the race.

6:38 PM Nov 21, 2014

Looking for a way to stay warm this fall season?

Try running.

Sure, the first half mile might be chilly, but once you get the blood flowing you might be surprised when you shed that hooded sweatshirt. 

9:53 AM Nov 7, 2014

Our area streets will be scary enough with everyone dressed in their ghosts, ghouls and superheroes during trick-or-treating, but there are a couple upcoming 5ks where you can get one more day of use out of that costume.

2:33 PM Oct 17, 2014

UPDATED: I mentioned Sunday's half marathon in Huron in my most-recent blog. Several people who have registered for this weekend's USRA half marathon in Huron have not been able to make contact with the race organizer for information.

8:26 AM Sep 19, 2014

It isn't Ohio Bike Week, but it is Rev3 weekend starting today in Sandusky.

12:45 PM Sep 5, 2014

I like running. I like biking. I'm not so sure about swimming.

But if someone wants to compete in a triathlon, you have to swim before they let you bike and run. Duathlons are also an option. And where there are triathlons, there are usually duathlons.

5:30 PM Jul 16, 2014


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