Women hate Hooters, Palin loves Christmas

Jessica Cuffman
Mar 12, 2013


For today, a sampling of news from my favorite feminist websites: Sarah Palin, class rage, cannibal cop, and Hooters, not necessarily in that order.

Headline: Hooter's embarrassing plan to appeal to the ladies is sort of working

(Insert eye roll here).

The snarkies at Jezebel nail it though, at least in my opinion.

"According to a recent consumer report, women now hate Hooters slightly less than they used to though they still really … hate it."

If salty language is offensive to you, be warned, Jezebel writers use it freely. Read their take and the consumer report HERE.


Next up: I really, really hate to give Sarah Palin any attention. At all.

But it's like a moth to a flame: Almost an uncontrollable urge even as I fight my fingers flying across the keyboard.

The best I can do is try to keep it short.

Salon.com and the Associated Press report she is writing a book about the "War on Christmas."

For Pete's sake.

First of all, does anyone care anymore about what Sarah Palin has to say? I ask that question in sarcasm, but if someone does care, I don't really want to know.

Apparently, the premise of her book is her defense of Christmas from the attacks of "politically correct Scrooges."

It'll be everything I can do to not pick up the book off the shelf when it comes out, just to browse it. I really should make the time to read one I picked up in the bargain bin: Going Rogue: Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare.


Great piece HERE by Jezebel's Tracy Moore, on daily occurrences that trigger "class rage."

An excerpt: "We probably seem painfully ordinary or even invisible. We are middle-class-looking people (or 'better') who drive unremarkable but reliable cars, usually conjugate verbs correctly and probably went to college…"

"But underneath our passable exteriors, we know that every step forged ahead, every job secured, every bit of debt reduced, every entree into 'better society' is another million light years away from what we lived like before, when were grateful for SPAM, food stamps, and a dental program."

I encourage you to take a look. I can't claim to have ever been anything but middle class, short of "college poor." But my life experience, including stories from my father, programs I've volunteered with, classes I've taken, and dozens of people I've interviewed, validate everything she says in her blog about her perspective of poverty — and its relativeness.


Finally, "Cannibal Cop," what? Somehow I missed this story until today. AP story via Los Angeles Times, HERE.


Kottage Kat

Sorry Jessica
Care or not
I happen to like Sarah, for her Christian values and what she did for Alaska
Read her book you might be pleasantly suprised
Actually both books are good reads


The Big Dog's back



What did she do for Alaska? She was governor for a 1 1/2 years during which time she was campaigning for vice president. She did build the road to nowhere. And she is married to someone who wanted to secede from the United States of America that now they say they love. I am not saying she isn't interesting. It is like watching the Simpsons.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

@ Ehovemom
Its not a road to nowhere. Its the Gravina Island Bridge that connects the town of Ketchikan, Alaska to the Ketchikan International Airport. Its uneducated liberals like you that have no clue and just repeat whatever you hear without knowing the facts. Keep drinking the odumer flavored kool-aid..


Palin had nothing to do with that bridge. In fact the Senator that got the funding for it was part of the old guard GOP big wigs that she went after when she was on the oil commission that got her going in the big time. That's right, she went after corrupt people in her own party.

And to put the record straight as far as her 'quitting' the governorship, she stated quite clearly that she didn't want the state to have to pay for her defense in the ridiculous amount of lawsuits that were thrown at her from a pack of rapid dogs after the presidential election.
Maybe someone can tell me how many of those suits she lost. Certainly not the one mentioned that involved the State Patrol officer.


This caterwauling is all for nothing. She has been removed from the political arena. She not only invoked the wrath of the democrats, the repubs were after her too. You don't take on a political party and expect to avoid the dishonest propaganda. She had the nerve to tell the repubs where to go also. No way could anyone succeed in beating both parties. Alaskans know, they all benefitted. But she's done politically. Repubs, Dems, and the media will be sure to keep her out of the picture. The only contribution to our nation will be the study in propaganda her story will provide to our children.


Awesome. An uber-feminist column. Bet I'm not the ONLY woman who's sick to death and tired of women like this one making us all look just as bad as any stereotypes of past decades ever did!

The Big Dog's back

I agree sam. palin took women back to the Stone Age.


Christian values? Her teenage daughter gets drunk and then gets pregnant. Then she used her influence as Governor to get a State Trooper fired for a personal vendetta. Don't forget she "QUIT" on the people of Alaska before her term was halfway done. Sara Palin is interested in speaking fees, selling books, TV, radio, etc. (MONEY!)


Gee, you mean she's a politician?

Phil Packer

People with Christian values should be poor.

The Big Dog's back

I thought those all were christian values bucknut. lol


I love Hooters!


Mmmmmmm..... Hooters! Not enough talent in this area to open one though.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Wrong. Hooters requires a restaurant location with at least 100,000-150,000 people within a five mile radius. Sandtucky doesn't qualify according to the latest census.


Show them enough money and they'd put a franchise anyplace. Though with our tourist influx here they'd drop the population requirement.


Still not enough talent in this area.


Look everyone! The Register shows us the unbiased, evenhanded depth of their staff.
What a breath of fresh air.
You go girl!
Tell us like it is!
And about the word ' relativeness', the spell check is having fits. I had to tell it to 'ignore'...
Webster's asked me why I would ask about the word...


Oh and for clarity, the convicted cannibal plot cop is in New York City. Kind of a round about way to get back to New York from the AP via the LA Times. Glad I could help ;)...

Phil Packer

Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language.

Phil Packer



I am a male. Let me give you ladies a clue. Burning or not wearing bras eventually catches up as gravity provides. Even an A-cup can hit the lower rib section. Call me a witness. LOL


That's why I don't leave home without it !


Duct tape ;]

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Just when I thought no SR blog could be worse than Ask Eda…


If Palin has so called christian values we are in trouble.. I don't think even Jesus would be pleased with that brood.

Kottage Kat

What fault to you find with her values?
thank you
oops do you find. Darn phone


Love America, my mom, & other things. Distrust flag wavers & most Republicans. Wishes I could have seen Phil's post. Why hate Hooters? geez....


What does it take to have a blog that just copies and pastes from other blogs? Only on the Register Website!!!

Now The Rest of...

What the dems are jealous about, none of them would be hired by Hooters, at least Sarah is good to look at unlike most dem women politicians, bark, bark. Most guys go to Hooters for the wings, which is like Obama saying he wants to cut spending.

Talkings hit

She's a G.I.L.F.!


Who cares if JC is supposedly disappointed in SP?

BTW: Wasn't BHO a muslim? Don't the muslims often take people leaving their religion as a serious offense?


If only she was a democrat, Hated the rich,Never had a actual job her entire life,Smoked dope,Had communist for parents,Floated through college on grants and loans,Scammed her way into the illinois senate, She might have had a best seller and Dog would have bought her book.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Sounds alot like obbama.