At least she asked first

Courtney Astolfi
Sep 27, 2013



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Sandusky Police


September 25, 2013


4:08 p.m. — 200 block Meigs St., mother had problems with daughters, asked officer if she was allowed to hit them. Officer said no, lectured girls about misbehavior.  



and thats why we have problems with our kids..... when I was in elementary school, I had to go find a switch. When I got older, I got the paddle, phone book, or anything close to my mom that she could use! hahaha! And one time she did it in front of my friends because I was being very bad. I was smacked in the mouth a time or two for talking back.

I'm still alive and not emotionally damaged because of it. And I love and respect my parents more than anyone today. Just remember there is a line between punishment and abuse. Dont cross that line.


well put RNR!!


You are not allowed to HIT or BEAT your child... you are allowed to SPANK them. What a loaded question/answer. Notice the age of the daughters is not listed. I bet the are preteen or teen. I am sure they will be in the paper again.


Smack them in the mouth, they'll live as long as you don't leave a mark. That's what a cop told me.

I would love for any of these judges to put up with that kind of behavior.

I ,also, got the switch a couple times. Those did leave welts. I survived.