Show and tell

Courtney Astolfi
Sep 26, 2013



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Perkins Police


September 24, 2013


10:31 a.m. — 300 block Douglas Drive, kindergartner took machine gun shells to school.  


Clark W. Griswald

I hope they took that kid to jail ...

pigeon farmer

If the other students and teachers were permitted to carry firearms this would NOT have happened. Support the NRA and arm our students and teachers now. I bet this kid was playing GTA5. Video games cause gun violence. Donate to the NRA.


They were empty shells. No big deal.

sandtown born a...

I hope empty shell casings aren't being considered a weapon? People are going extremely overboard with this crap. I remember shooting 22 rifles in Boy Scouts we were taught firearm safety which should be a requirement for graduation.


I remember when I was 14 in the US Navel Sea Cadet Corp and we were able to fire several different weapons after proper training of course. I used to fire my dads 22 in the backyard when I was even younger. Going to far with this. Maybe we need to educate kids about guns and safety instead of punishment

JMOP's picture

Welcome to The New World Order.


EMPTY SHELLS???? Really?


Yes, empty shells.


If they were empty I just don't see what the fuss is all about


Sign of the times.....empty casings. Yes not the politically correct thing to take to show and tell but don't cast judgment. Perhaps the little guy is learning early to respect guns which I happen to think is s good thing. I can remember gun racks in the back windows of trucks in the school parking lot as so many kids hunted or checked traps before school and that wasn't like early 1900's ~ it was mid 1980's! Then again, things were a lot different....


Good point Ritt. What is qualifying these as machine gun bullets? what caliber were they? did they have powder in them?, were they empty shell casings? I'd love to hear more facts on this story.


Me, too! "Machine gun"...heh. Could be anything from a full-auto Glock pistol to an AR, AK, etc. I found an empty 7.62 x 39 casing in the Walmart parking lot a couple weeks ago. Was I supposed to phone the cops?

sandtown born a...

He could have been doing show and tell on recycling brass.