He said he was bored

Courtney Astolfi
Sep 6, 2013



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Erie County Sheriff


September 4, 2013


2:31 p.m. —Ohio 4 and Portland Road, boy riding bus jumped from seat to seat, threw his shoes.



Suspended him from the bus for a week. Make mommy and daddy drive him to and from school. It will make them pay attention.


wonder why this was a police call other than maybe his shoes hit the bus driver


Ridiculous .... what a waste of time.. this should not have been a situation for the cops. When I was a kid the bus driver would have simply told the school and it would have been handled accordingly.


I am old so I don't know the rules are bus drivers allowed to kick kids off the bus anymore?


Teachers, bus drivers, school personnel are not allowed to do anything. There is the fear of being sued for even LOOKING at a child/student. Heck our school is in fear of even placing a child in the HALL for misbehavior. After one episode of a student in the hall, the parent called the school, had a conference with the teacher, principal and superintendent. Told them it was DEMEANING and belittling to her child to sit in the hall and to have the other children see them sitting there in the hall. It was embarrassing, harassment and upsetting for the child. It caused stress and was socially awkward. If it happened again she would contact a lawyer and would pursue charges. Before you laugh, she was being completely serious, and the school NO LONGER allows teachers to sit or even send a child to the hallway for ANY reason. Schools handle children and any kind of discipline very carefully.

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Isnt that Special

ladydye_5 you hit it on the nail. Its crazy what the schools put up with from other peoples kids. Some parents want the schools to fix the problem but the real fix needs to be at home. Some parents just want to dump there kids off to a school system and let them deal with the issue. Schools are not able to punish appropriately a kid now a days without there being some drama or repercussion. I heard this was a kid from Adams/Northpoint, those kids are all behavioral students. Some are extremely aggressive to the point where they will hit and spit on you.