Hefty trash charge

Courtney Astolfi
Aug 27, 2013


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Sandusky Police


August 25, 2013

5:07 p.m. — 1700 block W. Madison St., Anekia Fenderson, 38, 1100 block Sycamore Line, menacing. Woman found trash bags in her dump truck, including paper with neighbor’s name on it. Neighbor’s relative agreed to clean up trash; neighbor’s mother, Fenderson, threatened to kick woman’s throat. 


sandtown born a...

Kick her throat or butt either way it's funny


I fail to see what's funny about a threat. I also don't know why this woman thought it was okay to dump her trash in someone else's dump truck and then threaten her for asking them to remove it.

sandtown born a...

It is funny to think of a old lady being able to kick high enough to reach the butt let alone her throat. They figured they are entitled to do what they please just like the majority or the people committing crimes in town


It takes all kinds. People are pitiful anymore~sickening!


Double post


How about people who dump their trash in someone else's dumpster. I see people drive up to dumpsters on city property ( which are there for trash that is generated on the premises), and think that its ok, when I do believe its against the law.

he said she said

I did something similar when my neighbor let his dog mess in my yard. I didn't have a dog so why should I have to clean up after your dog? Every time I had to clean up, the mess went in his van. He eventually got the point...