Playing dress-up

Courtney Astolfi
Aug 21, 2013




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Sandusky Police


August 19, 2013

9:38 p.m. — 1300 block Hayes Ave., woman called police, said her 10-year-old daughter stole eyeshadow wand, lip gloss, while playing with her make-up.  



So she called the police on her 10 year old daughter for playing with her make up? OMG....this is just getting to be TOO MUCH...some people should just NOT reproduce. I say charge this woman with abuse of emergency services. This is just plain stupidity at its best.


Agreed! What ever happened to discipline? Take that kids Ipad away!

Good 2 B Me

Stupidity should be a crime!

dorothy gale

Nah, then our jails would be REALLY overcrowded!


I don't think it warranted a call to police. Taking away privileges or TV or computer time and a return of the items would have been sufficient.

Eph 2 8-10

Apply the hand of persuasion to the seat of knowledge--perhaps to the mother too.......


I think my question would have to be if she stole the make up from a store so that she could play with her mom's make up - then the call to the police would make a little more sense to me. I was about that age and took something stupid - don't even remember what it was - but my mom took me to not the police but the store's security guard and made me return the item and then when I got home she cracked my backside and I didn't do it again!! But yeah I have to agree with everyone else, calling the police for something as ridiculous as this was just wasting the police's time and the lady should be changed with misuse of an emergency call.

he said she said

beat that a@#! parents need to stop being afraid of going to jail for disciplining their child! that's why all these kids now have no respect for their parents or anyone else for that matter!! just shows the 10 y.o. runs things in this family that the mom has to call the police to get her stuff back. such a shame.


My three year old takes my lipgloss all the time