It's what the founders intended.

Courtney Astolfi
Aug 20, 2013



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Erie County Sheriff


August 18, 2013


11:46 p.m. — Strub and Old Railroad roads, Jevin Florio, 30, 1800 block Clinton St., no driver's license. Florio thought he had “a constitutional right to travel,” despite having no license.  


Licorice Schtick

Twisted people keep twisting the Constitution to fit their twisted views.


Constitutionally, Florio DOES have the right to travel (though the Constitutional reference was largely intended to ensure free traffic across state lines). Constitutionally, Florio does NOT have the the right to drive, fly, get on a train, etc. Good try, though! At least this is one guy who's actually HEARD of the Constitution! Maybe he should run for office...


You're right Sam he should run for office - at least going in we'd know he's a crook!!


Actually I am going to school for law. If you look up this is actually part of the law books. I have done a lot of research on right to travel without a driver's license. I even did the research that he needs for court and did the motion. So actually he is not a crook. Google the right to travel without a driver's license in the state of ohio along with other states and you would know. There are also revised codes and cases that are similar to this.