Perkins' best

Courtney Astolfi
Aug 14, 2013



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Perkins Police


August 10, 2013


1:37 a.m. — 1000 block Fun Drive, Shaun Perkins, 34, Missouri, operating vehicle under influence, no driver's license. Perkins passed out in Taco Bell drive-through, vehicle was in “drive,” with his foot still on brake; when asked where he thought he was, Perkins said “Milwaukee, Ohio.”



It's that former female Perkins police officer's cousin visiting her from Missouri!

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LOL, the Register posted this just for the reason huronguy made a comment about.


You can't make this stuff up!


Fourth meal! Taco Bell open til 2am, feed your need!


Flunked geography and a breathalyzer all in one fell swoop.

The General

Jimmy Ego aka Raoul Duke where r u cup cake?

Raoul Duke

Passed out at the wheel. Sound familiar?