Produce bandit

Courtney Astolfi
Aug 9, 2013



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Perkins Police


August 7, 2013


10:13 a.m. — 1700 block E. Perkins Ave., man loaded watermelons, cantaloupes and ears of corn into his trunk at produce stand and tried to pay for only three peppers.  



I'm shocked to hear that the owner of the stand didn't offer the thief his famous knuckle sandwich!

"Hey, you want some of this?" , farmer points to his bicep. Hahahahaha!


Whew, guess it's a good thing the owner apparently wasn't around at the time! How do I know that? Because in addition to one fella being charged with theft, the owner fella would have likely been charged with yet ANOTHER assault!


Oh Sam, I see you recognized the address. What a surprise, the cops are called to the 1700 block of Perkins Ave.

I find it interesting, that when THEY need the police, the police are right there for them.

But when the police needed to talk to him, he hid inside like a coward.


Could have been one of the other employees calling the police about this. Don't really know what the two of you are talking about on this assault and the owner hiding, but anytime I've gone to this stand to get vegetables the only people I've ever seen working there are young kids, like late teens to early 20s.


@candleburner, Front page mugshot, July 8th


Is that Malvin's?