Chump change

Courtney Astolfi
Aug 7, 2013



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Sandusky Police


August 5, 2013


9:56 p.m. — 2200 block Hayes Ave., customer tried to pay for beer with $1.50 in pennies and clerk refused to accept it. He then offered to pay in quarters, but clerk slapped the can off the counter and the man threw it back at him and ran out door.




It is LEGAL tender....I think the CLERK should be fired. I have worked retail and have had people use change to pay for gas, cigarettes, candy, ice cream, pop and milk in change. I also had people pay for lay away items in ONE dollar bills! Doesn't seem that bad until you find out that the payment was $279! In ONE's!!!! Legal tender is legal tender. The clerk had NO reason to refuse payment.


I agree lady! My mom has one of those big water jugs, only hers is glass, and she used to save pennies and when he was laid off from GM she polled the pennies up and used them to make a mortgage payment and buy groceries. Money is money!! You use what you have. I know I've even heard in stores recently say that they didn't mind accepting change that way they didn't have to "buy it" for their cash drawer. Don't understand why the police were called though unless the customer was causing a scene.


When I worked at the ice cream store, small children would come in with a pocket full of change and dump it on the counter and ask "can I get a cone with this? do I have enough for sprinkles?" then when they had left over change they would get stuff from the penny candy jars. It was just part of the job.


Guess I don't get it either. What difference if the customer gives you 150 pennies or a one dollar bill and 2 quarters. If I was that guy, I would complain to management.

he said she said

Money is money but when people bring in over 50 cents in loose pennies, they have to be rolled--by the customer. Same goes for someone trying to pay with $5 in dimes, $2 in nickels, or $10 in quarters.

The clerk should be fired. There was no reason to slap the can off the counter. You give the man the penny rolls and deal with him again when they are rolled. Simple. If this clerk can't deal with the public and the way they want to pay, he should find another job.


Fire that man, on the spot


Agreed, to refuse to accept legal tender should be illegal. Okay , so it would have taken a couple extra minutes to roll. So what... You help your customers as best you can if you're worth your salt.

I used to and still do love rolling spare change and would pit my count any day over the machines.

Just stating fact.