Courtney Astolfi
Jul 23, 2013


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Perkins Police


July 21, 2013

4:06 p.m. — 5500 block Milan Road, Dylan Jagel, 21, first block Willard Ave., Norwalk, theft. Jagel ran through store exit with full shopping cart; man followed in car, saw thief trying to jump fence, said: “You’re done; get into the vehicle,” and drove him back to store to await police. 



poor Dylan his father died and he will never get right with the world. how do you fix a child who has their world ripped away from them? when Dylan was born he was his fathers world and now he is gone r I p bill jagel I never met a nicer person than you


pptrsha - you can't blame a person's circumstances on the choices that they make in their life. While it's good that he had a great dad growing up it didn't necessarily give him reason to start down this road. He's a grown man that needs to take responsibility for the action he takes and not blame them on his father's death.


I agree with candleburner, a person makes CHOICES. NOT taking responsibility only makes it worse. He does not need "fixed" he needs to grow up and be a man. Losing a father is a hard road to follow but it does NOT give a free pass to be a complete loser/criminal. Many lose a father and still know how to be successful, productive, contributing man of society. pptrsha- people like you only ENABLE this type of behave by make excuses for them. THERE IS NO excuse for this type of behavior.


pptrsha - U have to B 1 of those bleeding heart liberals like the politicians in Detroit who destroyed what was one of the finest cities in all of America only 50 years ago. Never get right? He can if he chooses to. There is a proper way to grieve, and stealing a shopping cart full of stuff isn't a proper way to grieve.
How do you fix a child who has their world ripped away from them - by holding them accountable for the choices that they make, good, bad, or ugly. Then you let them know that we all have to die sometime, but life moves on. He has to let his Dad go.


On another note - how can you jump a fence with a cart full of stuff? I don't see that staying in the cart as you try to lift it over. LOL.


His father's death has nothing to do with the road he has chosen to take. He has a drug addiction that he has allowed to rule his life. His father was a wonderful man but he too chose the same road his son is riding on. His father is dead due to an addiction as well. His world wasn't ripped away it was temporarily bent and he has plenty of other family to rely on. Making excuses for him and trying to justify his actions are why he is still on this path. This is not the first time he's been in the paper and I am gonna guarantee won't be the last. Dylan will never get right in the world until he CHOOSES too.