Spiteful seagulls

Courtney Astolfi
Jul 11, 2013


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Sandusky Police


July 9, 2013

3:54 p.m. — 1600 block Buchanan St., man requested “vandalism” incident documented; officers found bird droppings on front door.



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sandtown born a...

Probably a Flock of Seagulls lol


Wasn't that a band in the '80s? What are they still doing around? :)

Amerian Dad

Really....this needed to be reported to the police? It's stupid stuff like this that keeps officers from actually crime related incidents. My gosh a flippin bird(s) pooped on your door. Get over it!


Agreed. IMO, the police should start charging for calls that are not crime related. You can't take a seagull to court.

rain man

Can I report a bird pooping on my windshield as I was driving down Bogart Rd? Could have caused an accident!