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Jul 6, 2013




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Sandusky Police


July 4, 2013

10:21 a.m. — West Perkins Avenue, stray golf ball shattered man's windshield as he drove by golf course.



I have been a witness to such happening. It sucks to be the driver of the car. He came to a screeching halt on a country road in Clyde while we were golfing. He jumped out and started reaming our butts. We were hitting in the opposite direction and had no clue about what he was talking about.

Sleepy Hollow Golf Course, BTW.


Used to golf at sleepy hollow when I was a kid. I know what hole you are talking about .It's on the front nine. #4 or 5. Roads goes down the one side.

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The Hero Zone

I drive by Mills Creek often and that is always a concern of mine.


I used to golf at Mills all the time, and have witnessed many cars get hit. Most of the time the driver never even knows and keeps driving totally oblivious to what happened. One time I hit a garbage truck, the resulting gong was amazing. The worst part of that course are the kids that will run up and grab your golf ball after you hit it and try to sell it back to you.


We used to worry about a baseball hitting our windshield. It happened to many a car who parked to close to the field.


I'm surprised that when the car was hit by the golf ball that the driver wasn't so shocked that he was able to control it and not run it into another car and cause an accident. I'm not sure I would have been able to do that.


Who is responsible for the damage since the city doesn't have a net up on that side? Just curious!

looking around

Another good reason to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.