Bad reaction to blue marker

Jun 24, 2013


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Norwalk Police


June 14, 2013
12:02 p.m. — 500 block S. Buchanan St., teen in bad mood, throwing things. He said his brother and friend put blue marker on his face while he was sleeping.



yeah I hate when that happens too.


whats the matter , afraid of a little soap and water ? LOL


So they called the cops? Maybe the cops should CHARGE a fee for all these "teen discipline" calls. (Boy refused to use deodorant, teen refused to pick clothes up off the floor, teen was upset over last scoop of ice cream, it goes ON AND ONE) If parents would be allowed to be parents and take care of it themselves, these calls would not be so abundant. Get some soap and water or if needed some alcohol wipes. Not like they tattooed him! LOL