Mom loves coach

Jun 17, 2013


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Huron Police


June 12, 2013
2:44 p.m. — 200 block Pittsburgh Ave., softball coach from local high school said one of his player's moms won't leave him alone; she wants relationship with him, he doesn't; police told coach to block the mom from his Facebook page.



Maybe she wants to volunteer to be his ball catcher. Kind of just being charitable.

The Bizness

Well done...hope this isn't removed hahaha

Julie R.

This shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Huron has a male varsity softball coach, a male assistant coach and a male pitching coach. By sundown everybody in little 'ole Huron will know who the object of the fatal attraction is ...... and even worse who the mother is that just embarrassed the heck out of her poor kid.


And he felt the need to call the police about this . . why??


Balls are required to play this sport and his were pry feeling threatened.

Erie County Resident

Ok Ted let's watch this batter close...
Here comes the windup and the pitch...
Well that was close he has no strikes and two balls on him now!!!


I doubt it was the varsity coach(es) - wrong address to start with - probably actually a rec ball coach. Police blotters are usually full of inaccuracies.


I can't figure it out. If it was a man bothering a woman, he would get it for harassment. It isn't always funny because of a woman chasing a man. Someone needs to set this woman straight.

Julie R.

Wonder why the Huron police have stupid things like this as a matter of public record yet other things in Huron are kept hush-hush. Wonder why there wasn't anything in the Huron police blotter about the long-time employee of the Huron schools getting fired for theft. Because the last name ends in a vowel, maybe?


Hey Julie, I thought it was the reporter's job to get the info. Maybe someone from the paper left it out or maybe no charges were filed.


As far as I'm concerned, whether it be a male or female stalker, either one would be scary.... Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction" scared the bejesus out of me.

Julie R.

@reading signs: I doubt very much that someone from the paper would have left it out. It more than likely was because the school didn't file charges, hence no record of it. In fact, I know they didn't.