Unhappy customer gets the boot

Jun 18, 2013


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Fremont Police 


June 7 2013
5:05 p.m. — 1300 block Oak Harbor Road, unhappy salon customer refused to pay for hairdo, later agreed to pay, but said stylist was pulling and tearing at her hair; stylist told customer not to come back.



Gotta love Fretucky.


Yup... not as bad as Detrusky however.


Unhappy cutomer? Seriously needs some proofing..........


Yes, I was thinking the same thing. What the heck is a "cutomer"? I have offered to proof read for this rag but they seem to think that spell check is good enough. Go back to the old school ways.


There are some really bad beauticians out there. Just because you graduate from a trade school, doesn't make everyone an expert, just as everyone who graduates from a law school isn't the best lawyer. In my lifetime, I have only had one person give me a really good haircut. The rest, are just ok. I pay them, but if it's really bad, don't go back. Just make sure they know why.

local man

Sandusky Register Grammar Cutomer (in headline) needs correcting


There is also an error in a sentence regarding the new guy at the state theater. No quality work any more. People just want the paycheck.


I know someone in the newspaper business. It's not that they don't care, it's just that the workload is more than they can handle. It is more than an 8 hour job. I have read books where the grammar is so bad, I stop reading. I think some of it is they are too dependant on "spellcheck".


The old ain't got time to do it right but have time to fix it.