Boy gets rough, gets arrested

Jun 19, 2013


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Ottawa County Sheriff

June 2, 2013
2:57 a.m. – 14000 block W. Third Road, Rocky Ridge, 16-year-old boy, domestic violence; boy hit mother, told police “I whapped her pretty good.”



oh no, don't arrest my little darling! He's a good boy. Just takes after his dad a little too much.


someone needs to whap him pretty good too!


I do not advocate violence in any form but if my 16 year old laid hands on me then made this comment- well you want to act like you're grown I will show you grown! Little punk!

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Have any of you ever tried to understand why this kid is acting out like this? Was it how he was raised, what he has experienced? Have you tried seeing things from his perscpective. I find when you start to look at another persons perspective you begin to understand how his experiences have shaped him...

All 3 previous comments are immature and inconsiderate and negative. You should be helping your fellows, helping you're society, not tearing it down.

Your sarcasm is pitiful.


Of course. The blame game, as usual. Nobody's responsible for ANYthing; somebody else made us do it!

Yes, I doubt he was raised very well (though even the best families are sometimes saddled with uncontrollable kids). No, he probably wasn't ever made to face consequences for his actions. But he's 16. That's more than old enough to know better whether his Mommy loves him all that much or not.

Get a clue. There's not a ONE of us who wasn't traumatized in one way or another growing up. NONE of us had perfect parents (though admittedly some are a lot better than others). And yet you don't hear about the vast majority of us attacking our own mothers!

Stop with the excuses. Take your punishment like a man, and LEARN something, for pity's sake!


I'll help society by calling the ambulance and us both having to go to the ER for having my foot removed from your backside if I catch you punching your mom. Your hospital stay would be longer than mine and would give you time to contemplate what you've typed out.


Wow...xdefiance you sound like part of the problem. It is NEVER the guilty party's fault. He doesn't need to take responsibility, (in your eyes) because he learned it, or watched it, or has a different perspective. There is NO reason to HIT YOUR MOTHER. NONE. In this day and age kids, hit, yell and even KILL over a fricking video game. There is NO reason or excuse you could give to make this OK. Have you thought about the mother? This child struck his mother and then was PROUD about it. Sounds like he needs to have his a $ $ beat. If people would be allowed to discipline their children many issues could be avoided. Now in school kids are taught if you parent touches you call the cops. Sounds like this boy has NO respect for anyone! He needs to sit in jail for a bit and learn some.


Ladydye_5: Wow...BIG HIGH 5 to you! U are so correct! It's people like xdefiance with a blog name like "xdefiance" & that type of mentality that has these kids acting in such manner as this. This mother should have knocked his axx off his feet & then called the police to tell them to come & get him. He's 16 yrs old & with the comments & behavior being portrayed, he hasn't gone through anything. It seems he has put his poor mom through H#!@. When this idiot came out yrs ago claiming that a good ole' butt whippin begats violence in children, he created the worse human catastrophy that society has faced in decades. No kids have more power than adults & become lazy, selfish, disrespectful, etc. I have 6 siblings & we got our butts whipped when we did wrong. None of us are violent, 4 of us have college degrees with 2 serving in the military. My 4 kids get & got displined growing up & are great kids! This kid made this choice because he made the choice to. "XDEFIANCE": When he or someone like him comes & slap you or one of your family members, let's see if you will want us to look at their circumstances then. How pathetic!!!


I do know that kids are taught in school to call the police if a parent does anything remotely disciplinary in a physical sense. But you know what? I'd tell a kid like this to go ahead and call the cops. If I'm lucky, maybe they'll take you away from me! Sheesh...


you beat me to it! :) I know one thing, I never even thought about raising my voice to mom (well maybe I thought, but what smart enough not to:)) let alone striking her. Those that make excuses about what was done here would probably do the same thing as the kid. losers!


2 big high 5s!!!!


Rocky Ridge, the family tree does not fork there.