Man who talked 'expletive' gets beat

Jun 10, 2013


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Huron Police


June 2, 2013
7:41 a.m. — 700 block Taylor Ave., man with dislocated shoulder requested ambulance, told police he was assaulted but deserved it because he was “talking (expletive).”



Well that's a new one. Why were the police even called if he "deserved" it?


because even those that talk s*** are entitled to an ambulance and a police report.


I know that they are entitled to an ambulance just don't know why the police were called if he was assaulted but felt he deserved it. I know this is just my opinion but I'm taking it to read that he's not going to have any charges pressed on it so I don't understand why they would have been there


Someone might have seen the fight and called the police.

sandtown born a...

I know a lot of people who deserve a beating but that don't make it right or legal to dish it out. State can press charges even if the assaulted don't want to.


I liked the one about a 25 yr old guy calling another man and accusing him of sleeping with his wife .. the other guy told him he's 52 , then the irate husband replied "Oh God" and hung up !

LOL!!! So funny!


Kudos to this man at least he can admit he was wrong lol