Add insult

Jun 8, 2013


Get the Bellevue police blotter in today's Register. 


Bellevue Police


June 5, 2013

10:18 p.m. — 100 block Friedley Ave., man said neighbor was riding ATV in his yard, and his dog was pooping in his yard.



And that's exactly what will happen when they make those "new parks"... everyone will walk their dogs along the new central park and let their dogs off the leash or let them poop all over over and not clean it up... oh and the stuff will get tagged w/ grafitti sooner or later "brilliant idea" for more green space.... NOT!


all dogs like to poop in someone else's yard. some people do too.


in that case I hope they choose your yard. :)


If I see someone walking their dog and it poops,and they don't clean it up, I have no problem calling them out on it. Sometimes they talk back, but it doesn't bother me. Most dog owners that I see are responsible and clean it up.


I always clean up after my dogs. Part of being a dog owner. The SAD part is, is seeing GROWN adults that do not clean up. I kinda understand a kids point of view, but grown adults have no excuse. I love the "holier than thou" crowd especially. Walk the little designer dogs with their noses in the air, but will not clean up dog poop out of a yard! I call them out too! Make sure they know I saw them!


I guess my dog spoiled me because my late husky girl would dribble BUT she never pooped until she was in her own yard. She liked her privacy. Wouldn't do her dog logs until I was out of sight.


I like to go in my own backyard.