Gone missing

Jun 7, 2013


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Sandusky Police
June 4, 2013
8:05 a.m. — 2700 block W. Perkins Ave., National Missing and Unidentified Persons System informed police of Sandusky woman who went missing in 1978. Paula Lynch was last heard from in Florida, she has butterfly, Rolling Stones and Harley-Davidson tattoos.



this is not a joke, last time I saw Paula Lynch was 1976-77 OR it could have been a look-a-like TWIN, in (____) magazine in the wife sections, it also could have been an OLDER magazines since I did not buy them I would look at other peoples. People would send in photos of there (____) ladies, If I am correct, the picture said she lived in Mississippi or Louisiana. They would get money for there photos. I wrote to (____) about this, but got no reply because I have NO authority $$


YOUR profanity rituals seems to be a little too much, not one curse word, just your sillyness

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i am in the same boat as you very confused


As I remember, it was more likely, be 1982 - 1986 same magazine when I worked at the paper mill in port clinton, a lot of the (____) magazines were recycled. I could sware it was Paula.


So it took the agency 35 years to notify police she was missing? Guess no one noticed. Why is this news now? I must be missing something.


I knew paula, I knew what she looked like, we were friends way back. YES she has been missing that long, I'm sure her family reported it. Better ask the police or FBI.


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