He'll never do it again

Jun 4, 2013


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Sandusky Police


June 1, 2013

5:18 a.m. — 1900 block Fourth St., woman did not want to sign charges against boyfriend who hit her in face.



Well if you do not want to press charges, WHY do you waste the time to call the cops? Make her pay for the time wasted on her, someone might have actually NEEDED/WANTED the cops and they were busy with this nonsense. Did she just want attention? Why call the police if you are NOT going to press charges?


Maybe someone else saw what happened and called the cops.

As people tend to say - thinking BEFORE you speak is usually a good thing. ;-)


Victims of domestic violence desperately want the abuse to end, and engage in various survival strategies, including calling the police or seeking help from family members, to protect themselves and their children. (Dutton, The Dynamics of Domestic Violence, 1994) Silence may also be a survival strategy in some cases. Moreover, enduring a beating to keep the batterer from attacking the children may be a coping strategy used by a victim, but does not mean that the victim enjoys it.

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The Hero Zone

So when this happens again, let's be sure to reference here where he said he wouldn't. I will happily lose a $5 bet to someone on a wager to establish a time frame before it reoccurs.


I hope that your wrong, but statistically it will happen again.


Is that what he said last time ?

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Ha Haaa Haaa Haaa Haaa Haaa too funny, she will be dead soon!

Free Man

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Free Man

I hope she can still show up at nasa plumbrook for work.
She should have stayed in oak harbor.


Please tell me not another "babies mama" with no daddy...