Hey, can I use your restroom?

May 25, 2013


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Fremont police 

May 20, 2013
1:14 a.m. — 1000 block E. State St., convenience store customer urinated on building, does it every time he comes to the store, clerk said.


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One stop shopping : )


Nothing but pure skank.


give him the darn key to the restroom!

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The Hero Zone

Ugh, sorry to the clerk who has to clean that. Some people are just...not people. But, while not a gripe on the event itself, I know the back alley behind my shop will become a latrine for some during the big downtown culmination of Bike Week.

On a similar but humorous note I was at Bigby's the other day (which is good if you haven't been there) and a little kid maybe no more than 5 tore around the corner, dropped trow, and whizzed by the order board. I almost burst out laughing at the window because nothing can prepare you for moments in life like that.


I'm not surprised by anything that happens during Bike Week!! The bikers come into town and think they can just take over and much like the tourist that come in for Cedar Point we just have to put up with it for the 10 days (which I still think it must take a special kind of stupid for a biker to know that a "week" is 7 days not 10!! And yeah I know it's semantics!! I'm just sick of them!!) that they're in town. And on your similar note, there's a big difference between a 5 y/o taking a whiz on the building and a grown adult.

Good 2 B Me

Haters sonna hate I guess. Think about what OBW does for the local economy. I guess it is easier to complain than to profit. Go rent a space and see how these Bikers spend their money. You won't say anything bad about them again!