Woman dodges ticket for appointment with God

May 14, 2013


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Sandusky Police

May 12, 2013

11:02 a.m. — East Parish Street and Columbus Avenue, police stopped speeding vehicle; driver said she was late for church. Officer seized driver’s license, said she could settle it after church. Dawn Brown, 38, Winchester, speeding (54 mph in 35 mph zone).


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SO he let her drive without license ,bull .


This is ridiculous, I agree with BULLISDEEP...the police let her drive without her license on her? Nevermind the fact that the excuse is bullhockey!!! What if someone was late for their AA meeting? Late for an appointment at the dentist? There is an excuse for everything. Give the woman a ticket and give the cop a warning for being STUPID. Being late for church is NOT a valid reason to speed.


Officer .... said she could settle it 'after' church.


he didnt accept her reason for speeding, just let her have a little slack and get to church on time. i drive a lot without my license on me. never got cited for it, though been warned a time or 3. some officers show compassion for people, others forget that they are human also.


Don't you have a certain amount of time to produce your drivers license as long as you have your registration, or am I wrong?

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She had her .....Officer seized driver’s license, said she could settle it after church


People driving without a physical license on there person get pulled over I would say at least 30-40 percent of traffic stops. In these cases officers run them by their "DS " which is the social security number. When officers run the SSN in the computer they can verify the identity of the driver by the drivers license photo that is attached to the file. Yes it is law that you are supposed to have physical photo identification but it's like getting pulled over for not using a turn signal, you never get cited for it. As for those complaining about the officer letting her drive with out here hard copy, even if he did Cote her it would be dismissed in municipal court then leaving her the obligation to pay court costs and fine for the speeding citation.smh! You people will complain about anything!


Why? Don't you realize that you are getting in to your car and maybe you should have your license with you? If something were to happen to you, God forbid, they would not know who you were.


God cannot get you out of everything. Too many people use God and church to justify their actions and personalities. It's ungodly.


If she worshipped satan, he wouldn't have had her get stopped in the first place. :} That God, he's always trying to test the faithful eh?

sandtown born a...

WTH seriously

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LOL meowmix.


Ave satanas!

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Cute, nice call SPD, I hope it all worked out.

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Our wonderful church goers breaking laws to be with "god".

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Our “tolerant” God haters will use any story, no matter how trivial, to spit in the face of their Creator.


As long as they don't break any of the Almighty 10 Big Dog, now that's what's important! She was probably the one to be in charge of "passing the plate" that day and you know how them churches hate to lose out out on their non-taxed buck or two.....