Man given choice: Clean it up or go to court

May 6, 2013



Sandusky police
Saturday, May 4
2:01 p.m. — 800 block Warren St., neighbor let dog defecate in vacant lot, wouldn’t pick it up. Officer told neighbor he would be issued a summons if he didn’t pick it up.





The police should cite the people on the corner of Meigs and Madison. I have seen that guy wash his numerous dogs' poop down the storm drain. He hosed it with the garden hose right across the sidewalk into the storm drain!


I would tell the cops that I'd clean it up when the city leaders clean up THEIR act and stop lying to us.....


Defecating makes me feel good. The dog did it so the dog should clean it up.

Cracked Cherry

Good thing we don't step in it...