Fire in the hole

May 3, 2013


Sandusky police


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

7:54 p.m. — 1300 block Olds St., two brush fires near areas possibly used by homeless people. 



The city really needs to do something with the "homeless" that hang around the shelter on Superior St. For people who are "homeless" they sure have enough money for tattoos, cigarettes, alcohol, and cell phones. The ones I've seen are young and able bodied, but too lazy to get a job. They wander up and down Venice Road and all the little streets leading to Monroe St. Some of my family live around there and are constantly harassed by the vagrants (crashing a bbq, asking for food, alcohol, money or cigarettes, littering, peeing and defecating where ever they want, etc...) I don't care how fancy the city makes Lion's Park, you won't see me there. That's where they all go to hang out in the summer.

The shelter needs to be moved out to the middle of no where away from homes. Better yet, they should just close it and make them move on to another county.

Truth or Dare

The Homeless aren't the only folks hanging out in the woods on the NW side of Olds St.. Saw with my own eyes those who like to dress in full comouflage, faces covered, carrying large black weapons, probably paint guns (I hope) and skulking around the perimiter of the woods. Watched a a comouflage pickup truck pulled up to the site as well. Pretty odd I thought.

Our Homeless aren't just hanging out in those woods, they're also across Venice, on the southside, as well behind the old Oriole's club on 250. There they have a homestead set up. What is our city doing about the Homeless scattered throughout the area? Not to mention the fact that the area on Old's street looks like a freakin dumpsite. Evidently the city has no concerns as to cleaning up the area?


I totally agree. We drove down Olds street and it looked like a dump! Why can't the city have the homeless clean it up in exchange for their lodging at the shelter?


Call Waddington. He used to clean up the tires on Olds.


get the city officials to spend the night on Olds St. and it will get cleaned up the very next day, maybe give the homeless free passes to the Y, they can get cleaned up and physically healthy at the same time, it can be the place to hang out in the daytime.