Man has happy pants

Apr 29, 2013


Sandusky police

Saturday, April 27 2013
10:48 p.m. — 600 block E. Madison St., police stopped vehicle with no front plate. Driver and passenger had drug history, so police called in police dog, which detected drugs. During pat-down police felt “abnormal bulge in (driver’s) groin area” that turned out to be a bag of marijuana. Inside vehicle officers noticed broken seal on gallon of milk; they emptied jug, but there were no drugs inside. Nicholas Mullins, 23, 500 block W. Port Drive, Huron, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana. 



I always put my extra pot in the milk jug.


Abnormal bulge" lmao!!


BULLISDEEP's picture

Did they tell him to pull it out ,or did they go after it on their own?

John Harville

What makes a crotch bulge 'abnormal' and how much training to cops get in crotch bulges?


Milk is so expensive now a days. What a waste lol! Who puts pot in milk anyway?!

Fibber Mcgee

Whatever happened to using rolled up socks for a "abnormal bulge"?

Good 2 B Me

Hope he is not crying over the spilled milk...


He was probably drinking the milk to wash down the twinkies/doritos with.

Just Sayin IMHO

Did they reimburse for the wasted gallon of milk?