Arrested in Huron

Apr 17, 2013


Large bulge leads to arrest

Erie County sheriff

Monday, April 16, 2013
12:59 a.m. — 500 block Berlin Road, deputies stopped swerving vehicle, saw eye drops and cigar wrapper in center console, asked driver and passenger to step from car. They saw large bulge in passenger’s pocket, turned out to be a marijuana pipe, found homemade pipe near driver’s seat. Kyle Bogden, 21, 800 block Cleveland Road, Huron, possession of drug paraphernalia. Larry Potter, 34, 500 block Berlin Road, Huron, possession of drug paraphernalia. 


sandtown born a...

Could this be Ken Bogdens son

Julie R.

Are you referring to the Ken Bogden from the Sandusky law firm of Reno, Bogden and Ferber? If so, don't you mean grandson? Ken Bogden is in his 60's, isn't he? This kid is only 21.


Not sure I understand? If he is 60 and the kid is 21....are you saying that a 40(ish) year old never has kids?

Julie R.

Well, no.....but a lot of people in their 60's also have grandchildren that age. That's why I thought somebody might have made a mistake saying it was his son instead of his grandson. I really don't know ...... and personally, I don't really care.


Is that a banana or are you just happy to see me?


lololololol--- I was thinking the same thing!!!


Is this the step son of a "prominent" Huron coach... I believe so...

Julie R.

Unless the Huron coach married a much younger woman, I don't see how this kid could be his stepson. The coach in his 60's and this kid is only 21.


What if he is? Anybody's child can make poor choices. Never spit because Karma can be a real bear.

Julie R.

I'm afraid you misunderstood me. I wasn't criticizing anybody's child. I'm sure he's not the first one to be found with a marijuana pipe in his pocket and I'm equally sure he won't be the last.

BW1's picture

Since when is the mere possession of a pipe a crime. The founders are spinning in their graves.


For a long time, BW1. But I think its now a misdemeanor.


A fallen star.

" Because I am a mentally strong player, it's helped me focus on my goals, and make good decisions in life. Instead of getting in trouble, and getting involved in the wrong things my friends were in, I would just pick up the ball, and throw. I would throw to my dad, one of my two-younger brothers, or to a fence. It helped me stay involved, and gave me another reason to turn down all the high-school temptations."

Kyle Bogden, ESPN article 2009

I thought he was supposed to be pitching at Tiffin University, must not be if he is hanging around Berlin Heights during the season. Sad.

Darwin's choice

Guess the coach didn't have effect......

Huron parent 1st

So eu nitwits need have a refresher on that little parable about casting first stone......

Huron parent 1st

Stupid IPad correction.."some of you"