Arrested in Huron

Apr 16, 2013


Double bonus

North Korea, driver both huff

Thursday, April 4, 2013
7:58 a.m. — 700 block Salem Drive, vandals spray-painted “North Korea was here” and racial slurs on man’s car. 
8:53 a.m. — Cleveland Road West and Rye Beach Road, car putted along, straddling two lanes of traffic while driver huffed from aerosol can. Erie County deputies charged Brooke Rice, 31, 1100 block Marlboro St., Sandusky, with reckless operation, abuse of harmful intoxicants. 



So is huffing and driving worse than texting and driving?


yeah, texting doesn't make you high.

Fibber Mcgee

At least with huffing you stay on the road or roads :)


...uhm, forum?...I understand this is off topic, but "big-head" (if you know whom I speak of) just approached my fiance' as she climbed into her vehicle on Ogantz and First Street and scared the holy living crap out of her...he was literally staring at her, three feet from her drivers window. He also approached me months ago at the "Friendship" fuel station on cleveland road, asking for change, and after turning him down, he mumbled some gibberish, and scurried to the next "victim'...anyway, does anyone know this persons name, or where he stays, or anything else besides the fact that he has BIG cheeks and jaw, rides a bike, and appears to pry into anything and anywhere he can stick his nose into? Any help could assist me in taking the proper channels to having him approached, and warned to stop his aggressive behavior.