Arrested in Bellevue

Apr 6, 2013


Bad baby sitter

Bellevue Police
Friday, March 29, 2013
6:56 p.m. — 100 block Euclid Ave., woman found 2-year-old boy walking down street alone; cousin picked him up, said whoever was watching him was “bad baby sitter.”



What's going on in Bellevue? Everytime ya pick up a paper it never fails. there's always some toddler walking in the roads in diapers (usually) , Lets see so far since Last year it's been ... Kilbourne, E. Main, Castalia, Center, Buckeye, Brinker, Sherman, Derby, PIMPlico, etc this a new trend or are people so stoned they are not watching their kids... new breed of drug using parents I guess : worthless. Sad part is the kids will grow up to be the same way.

Ned Mandingo

Where did all these losers in our town come from?


from the "west"...if you get my drift


... and the north


@ Ned

From Sandusky
They are coming
We pay to relocate


It's not just Bellevue - it just happened recently in Sandusky. 3 young girls, I think they were all under 5 or 6, were walking along St Rt 101 and someone called the police or picked them up and then called the police and they found out they lived with their grandparents and had gotten away from them while the grandparents thought they were napping. And about a year ago a toddler/pre-schooler aged child was walking in her pajamas and barefoot down Perkins Ave during pre-dawn hours. Again the police were called and the mother was sleeping after she had gotten off work and didn't know the child had gotten out. The child wanted to go to her grandparents house and didn't want to wake her mom. Seems to me it's a pattern of kids getting out when caretakers are sleeping