Arrested in Marblehead

Apr 3, 2013


Frying green tomatoes

Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2013

Marblehead Police
10:45 a.m. — 100 block Water St., woman paying water bill backed into steel beam, took off; she told police she would stop in after she was done at beauty salon.



my hair is way more important than a stupid steel beam. my husband will pay the damages. we have insurance of course. how dare you imply that I broke the law?

Finn Finn

Hilarious. But you hit it right on the head Unassumer. So many women are hard on vehicles because if anything goes wrong, it's "hey honey, something's wrong with the car. It's (fill in the blank)." In this case, it would be, "it has a big dent in it." ^_^


well, I actually meant to infer that older ladies that have lived in Marblehead forever think that a little accident with a pole is not of any concern and certainly not more important than a hair appointment. actually some locals think they are above the law because they're on a first-name basis with the police. and it doesn't just apply to the ladies. if you travel through Port Clinton and drive out to Marblehead you will find that the 'old folks' make their own speed limit (usually 10 to 15 mph less than everyone else) and very often slow down to look at the scenery or the lake. and then there are the tourists....well, I'd better not go there!

Finn Finn

Well, I can't say that I agree with your second post. I don't see the "privileged local" of which you speak. And I'd rather be behind old folks going 15 mph slower than be tailgated. Just keep a reasonable distance and enjoy the drive. There is far too much traffic between the two towns, too many side roads, and only one lane in either direction, to be flying down 163.


Agreed, especially on 53 in Catawba.


Huh? It's required to check steel beams for damage when you back into them? Whenever I've hit one..there's only been a little paint left on the pole..Was a supposed to report each and every one?

2cents's picture

It's what they call a "hit and stay" the beam had the right of way!

4-wheeler al

i would have tested her word after name, rank and serial number.