Arrested in Sandusky

Mar 23, 2013


Can you watch my dog?

Sandusky Police
Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 8:48 a.m. — 200 block Decatur St., woman got strange voicemail, said “There is a red pit bull in your back yard. I have food for it and was wondering if I can keep it in your back yard. Let me know if it’s OK.” She looked out window and there was a pit bull chained to a tree in her back yard; dog warden took it to pound. 


Darwin's choice

"It's the gift that gives all-year-round Clark......" LOL

google me

"Snots, you roll over and let Uncle Clark scratch you belly. You ain't never seen a set on a dog like this one's got, Clark."


What happened to the dog warden position being eliminated, due to budget concerns? Now we suddenly have a dog warden again? Just wondering.