Arrested in Ottawa County

Mar 22, 2013


Three neckties and no tablets

Ottawa County sheriff

Friday, March 15, 2013
4:03 p.m. – Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office, man purchased 100 used computer tablets from internet and received three neck ties in the mail, PayPal fraud department contacted.



That's Gods way of telling you, "Do not open up an Internet Cafe with those tablets, take these ties and wear them to church!"


If God had anything to do with it, he wouldn't have gotten ripped off.

2cents's picture

LOL, A friend ordered what he thought was a great deal on a Garmin GPS, I think he received a hand held compass and they laughed at him when he said Hey! I am sure it happens way more than anyone says because they feel stupid!

So, we have a knee jerk reaction to firearms in this country in less than a month after CT, but somehow seem unable to stop the corruption of all these items coming from China? Just love the federal government!