Arrested in Fremont

Mar 23, 2013


Huddled mass of one

Fremont Police
March 14, 2013
9:20 p.m. — 800 block Elm Drive, homeless man asking people for money. Told to leave and stop bothering people.



Give him an application for McD's.....


That's pretty much the attitude toward homeless people. You know, some cannot get work and McDonald's doesn't just hire everyone that applies. Unless you have been in that situation yourself, you have no room to speak. It's not a joke and living outside or in the woods is not ideal. If you have no address and no phone, how can you get a job? Some people are homeless also because of addiction problems or health problems and have not been able to get disability. It's no laughing matter. There are families living in cars. Just telling them to get a job is ignorant.


unassumer, I couldn't have said it better. I totally agree with you. the world is full of sadness.


Yeah and most of these poor homeless people are playing on an Iphone, and leave the area in a SUV (parked far enough away as to not draw suspicion). Not to mention the ones that try to lie and draw sympathy on the word "veteran" added to the sign. I agree there are some that are truly in a bad place...but MANY are just playing the system in a time when it is easier. And if you are jobless or homeless due to addiction, then you really do NOT deserve sympathy and will do nothing more than use the money someone "donates" to fuel your addiction. I have seen firsthand "beggars" throw a bag of food given to them, because they only want cold hard CASH. I will donate to HONEST true charities to help those in NEED.