Arrested in Fremont

Mar 22, 2013


Suicide is painless

Fremont Police
Monday, March 18, 2013
10:29 p.m. — 700 block S. Taft Ave., counseling center called from emergency room, asked police to take suicidal subject home or to jail if she refused to leave. Police told counseling staff officers could not justify arrested someone or taking someone home under such circumstances. Counseling center agreed to keep woman for treatment.


Truth or Dare

"Suicide is painless". Really? For whom? What was the point of this heading? Cause if you think it's painless, be it the individual who attempts it, or does commit suicide, let alone for those left behind, you're sadly mistaken!

I find it unfathomable that they would call the police on this women and expect them to arrest her, and feel really bad for those seeking/receiving treatment from such a place!


She must not have had insurance.


I think Fremont needs a new counseling center or at least a more sympathetic nurse. You're probably right, she didn't have insurance. I'm not sure what that headline was supposed to infer but it was kind of insensitive too.


Quit drinking the ketchup!


The M*A*S*H reference ( sub heading) wasn't necessary, was it?