Arrested in Berlin Heights

Mar 19, 2013


Pawning the family jewels

Erie County Sheriff
7:38 a.m. — 12000 block Andress Road, Berlin Heights, father suspected daughter of taking mother’s jewelry; found jewelry at a pawn shop in Lorain.



I hope he ACTUALLY presses charges. Not just "show" her he means business. Teach her a lesson and arrest her butt!!!!

Not Yer Pa

Wonder why she pawned the jewelry. I'm thinking poor parenting. Time for some tough love.


Uhmm again who was arrested? This isnt reporting at all! Com'on man!


When you have enough money you can keep your name out of the least the undesirable parts of the paper. Same family where the dad threw the young lover out of his daughter's bed a couple months ago.


They don't care about reporting. Just wanted to print "Pawning the Family Jewles". It's called adolescent humor.