Arrested in Sandusky

Mar 18, 2013


$20K love triangle 

Sandusky Police
10:56 a.m. — 7900 block Mason Road, woman caught in scam by man she met through online dating. He told her he would pay off her credit cards and transferred $20,000 to her bank account. Second male caller told her to transfer money to account in California to be used for orphanage, and to send money to Egypt. She sent three money orders to Cairo. She has since changed her bank and account information. Police found different phone number for man she thought she met online. He said he hadn’t used his dating account since December and didn’t know the woman. His accent was different than the man who called her.



So who was arrested in this? LMAO!


EXACTLY! WHO was arrested?


Wow! I must have HDAD I could not follow this one at all!


Cowboy - I know what ADHD is, but what is HDAD?


I'm sorry.......what were we talking about again?


why dont people realize they are being played or scammed i mean really you met someone on line and you trust them IDIOTS


I'll pay your credit cards off, but first send money to Egypt...that makes


Hopelessly Dumb And Dyslexic.


With some of the things I've seen and heard....I feel really bad for LE anymore. They have to deal with so much BS!!!! GOD bless 'em. Stay safe


So who got "arrested?" Am I the only one that missed that?


You aer not!!!

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It almost happened to my dad! It did happen to a friend of mines brother. These people are very clever, it is sad how many probably get scamed and never tell. I recomend a very inexpensive program that allows you to scan your email at your internet provider, does not work with online accounts like Yahoo or Gmail. You need a pc based email like Outlook, it is called Mailwasher pro, about $30.00 and will mark known spam. You also need to be carefull not to open links that can infect you as well.

Of ourse this will not prevent human action like a dating site but it is a helpfull tool to avoid the spam mail that may get you headed down the wrong road!


You do not need a $30.00 program to block spam/scams. Talk about getting scammed. Somebody ripped you off for that thirty bux.

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Been using it about ten years, you never bring mail to your machine, the email is processed at your providers mail server.


My stuff gets blocked for free. I have ten email addresses all over the web. I didn't pay a dime for them, either. You were robbed.

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I guess it depends on what you use the email for. We sell on line and when we used free email blockers provided by others servers, we had customers being removed for no reason, lost sales! With Mailwasher we can be selective and create our own black lists, $30.00 is nothing when the sale is lost and the customer is lost as well. Take care.


I do not see how anyone can fall for these scams. They have been on the news, in the media, and now all over the internet. The old saying "if it sounds too good to be true" is THE best line of defense. I think a lot of people just want it to be true and the thought of a quick buck blinds them to the gut feelings.


Yeah I'm with the majority here - what was the reason for calling the police here? So she was stupid enough to be schnooked into this. She was paid $20K and then paid out $20K and changed her banking info - so in my book that would be the end of the story. What's the issue here???


I just got an email from Gillian and Adrian reads, My wife and I are making a donation of 1.5 million pounds to you as part of our voluntary charity donation, we are so happy for you and your family.

luvblues2 all means go for it. Whatcha got to lose? People email free money everyday. Ask Bill Gates about his new two free give aways. Both Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. And for some special people, they are adding Photoshop and AutoCAD as a bonus. Not only that, for an xtra $50.00 they will send you software that can change your regular flatscreen into a touch screen. Be sure and send the extra $200.00 for S&H...


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Beef or chicken? It matters. Also, do you use cheese in that soup?


Beef with crushed Doritos and hot sauce...
Chicken with an egg...(like egg drop soup..ghetto style)
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;)...good stuff, girl..




What are we talking about?


What's this "we" stuff? You gotta mouse in your pocket?


Lmao luvblues2...this is one of the stupidest stories I've ever read on this site. Good lord, I guess some people can trust just about anything or anybody. STOP WASTING LE TIME, GET A LIFE, AND STOP TRYING TO GET RICH ONLINE...idiots.




It appears she was initially trying to get lucky....not rich