Arrested in Bellevue

Mar 18, 2013


Fear the worm

Bellevue Police
March 11, 2013
7:06 a.m. — Castalia Street, woman told police there was a boy walking down street alone, wanted police to check on him. Police found boy, who said he was afraid of worms.


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Not Yer Pa

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swiss cheese kat

Why would anyone want this nonsense sent to their phone?

Phil Packer

Don't give him any more acid!


Was anyone actually arrested? Kind of misleading isn't it?


why wasn't the whole story told? good ole reporting from sand. reg. again !!!!


Phobia's are not a joke. There are lots of people who are afraid of various things. I can see this person trying to stay off the sidewalk if it had worms on it. He was probably on his way to school. He doesn't have to be on "acid" to take this action. I bet if there were mice, spiders, or snakes on the walks, you would see lots of people in the street.


Honestly, people walk in the road ALL THE TIME, not sure why you would call the cops. I wonder how old is the "boy"? In my town I walk on the side of the road because it is FLAT and safer than walking on the busted sidewalks. I really question the fact that people call the police for such "everyday" mundane things.


Maybe he was running away from the worms at home. In any event, the News Herald is doing this headline thing with their for the record, which is a listing of police and sheriff calls. There is never a story. And they never name the person arrested. They say a man or woman was arrested. They have started not identifying persons arrested. Probably because many of them are friends or relatives.


People .... I think this boy was a small child and Castalia Street is 269...pretty damn busy street... these kids usually walk in the Middle of the street not to the side.

I'm sure where ever you live we've all seen it and had to swerve around them.

( I'm wondering if this is the same diaper clad kid usually running around because NO ONE bothers to watch him.

Just a thought.


So, who was arrested? The kid or the worms?