6:50 PM Sep 21, 2014
Even if not a football fan, by now virtually everyone knows who Ray Rice is.
5:05 PM Sep 15, 2014
Do you talk to your plants? Many people believe their plants respond when they do.

But do they? Increasingly more evidence suggests that they actually do.

1:52 PM Sep 8, 2014
A new study has concluded that breakfast, long considered the most important meal of the day, is actually no more or less beneficial to us than any other meal.
1:25 PM Aug 25, 2014
When things are going great, it’s easy to feel as though nothing could bring you down.

And when things are going bad, it’s just as easy to feel nothing will go right again.

10:11 PM Aug 18, 2014
“You see, but you do not observe” the great consulting detective Sherlock Holmes often chided his friend Dr. Watson.

Holmes and Watson would see exactly the same things, but only Holmes would notice them.

3:34 PM Aug 10, 2014
Imagine you are walking along and come across someone who’s been beaten bloody.
9:59 AM Aug 7, 2014
I’ve read with interest the accounts of people who’ve been slipped the date-rape drug while visiting the island of Put-in-Bay.
6:44 PM Jul 28, 2014
This past Thursday was the third anniversary of my kidney transplant and a new lease on life.
11:27 AM Jul 21, 2014
Three years ago on this date I weighed less than 120 pounds. My near 6-foot frame was little more than skin over bones. I could barely lift a gallon of milk with both hands. My doctors said I had two months to live; maybe three, if I was lucky.
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