11 city projects to track

Jun 18, 2013


Following is a list of updates on what is happening in Sandusky city projects.

Apex Building: Demolition of the building has already started and it will be down soon.

Sandusky Cabinets: Bid specifications have been submitted to the city staff for demolition. The authorization to request bids will come before the city commission for approval within the next month.

Keller Building: Draft bid specifications have been submitted to the city and they are being reviewed. The next step will be requesting authorization to request bids. We hope the city doesn’t have us wait too much longer on this project.

Wisteria Farms Building on Campbell Street: The building has been purchased by a private individual who will handle demolition of the rest of the building.

Coal Docks: Erie Blacktop has requested consideration of an almost decade-long request to purchase city property at the coal docks.

Bus shelters: The design scope is being worked on so materials can go out to bid for the construction of the bus shelters. We hope this happens before the bad weather starts in the fall.

West Side Overpass: The ODOT project is on schedule! We can’t wait for it to be completed!

Bike Week Report: The fire department reported only 19 calls for emergency services and the police department reported that they made 13 arrests. Not bad for all the people who attended.

City Marina: The marina reached full capacity during Bike Week weekend, so it proves holding downtown events are important to filling up the marina.  

Skate Park: Repairs have been made and there is talk about having a skateboard competition in mid-June. The competition would raise funds to support the park. Great idea!

Pavilion: City staff has been corresponding with Trust of Lands to confirm the potential to include mixed use or non-residential activities within the Trust’s proposal to the Community Foundation to prepare a master plan of the area. The Trust proposed planning area extends beyond the pavilion.

Note: For the blogger who is wondering if my information is correct, outside of giving my opinions, which are just my opinions, any facts that I present are always referenced from various public documents, which anyone can request.

Marina Contract: Another blogger asked me where they can get a copy of the marina dockside café contract. Go to the City of Sandusky’s website, click on "city commissioner," and then click on "agenda & minutes." On top of the agenda and minutes highlighted in blue are the 2013 ordinances. Click and scroll down to Ordinance 13-052 dated May 13, and you will be able to see both the ordinance and contract.



Oh no. The mental illness that is calling commentators "bloggers" has spread to Sharon "my topic this week" Johnson!

If you want to reassure us about your accuracy then use citations, or at least tell us WHICH publicly available document you are referencing not just that you are.

The Bizness

This is a very good post

The problem with bloggers is most of you state things without any source information. I think if you state something, you should post a link to reinforce your claim. If you are sure your information is correct give us the link.

I am commenting on your post, I am not blogging. You have the blog, I have the comment section.

Btw you say "We" alot, who is this "we"? You are only stating your own opinion, not that of others so you should probably change that to "I".



Actually Ms. Johnson speaks for many folks living her is Sandusky but are afraid to speak up.

You and I and Ms. Johnson make we, that is if you are in agreement with at least one of the items she is blogging about today.

The Bizness

I get what you are saying but I would just prefer her to say, "I" for formality reasons. Especially, in other posts when her opinion is in the minority. I do enjoy this posts and the updates it offers.


There's nothing to agree with Paved - it's a list of projects, with no value added from Sharon, much like many of her other columns.

On the other hand, she finally managed to come up with a different opening phrase.

Eph 2 8-10

We = I, me, and myself.........

dont get it

We=I,me,and myself think there to many rude,immature, bullies reading Sharon's Blog.I thought you would have had your fun by now, guess not....for one it states very clearly "Public Documents which anyone can request". That would be just dumb for her to have stated after each "Fact" where she found her information. Don't beleive her?, just request as she states. There are many projects going on in our city, and many people would like to have the info, that she has given us. For me the most important one is the Venice Rd. Overpass, but found the other updates a good thing also...I,me,and myself wishes that the Sandusky Register, would just put Sharon's Blogs in the hard copy only.She does a great job at what she is doing...I realize she doesn't just sit and guess about these projects, apparently you kids do. If you are not interested in the city, it is obvious you are not, seems to me,myself,I, that you kids just come on and see who can bully, make fools of yourselves, and try to make her look like a fool. No wonder our children are like they are,(not all of them) just don't care who they hurt...guess what, they get it from YOU.It takes something like this for me to comment, because I have watched what so many people do, if someone forgets to put a comma, spell a word wrong etc. there you are,with your bullying. I would think that Matt Westerhold, would have seen all this by now, and put a stop to it. Matt,etc....please, please put this in the hard copy, so that we, that find Sharon's comments interesting, don't have to have it ruined by some rude,crude lil kids..thank you.Guess my five minutes are up...

The Bizness

I don't get it...

Btw your sentences are poorly written....Oh man there I go bullying again. :)

dont get it

hahahahahahaha.....told you, some of you kids are just on here to make Sharon feel bad, and to point out others that aren't blessed with the gift you have of being pefect in everything you say, write or do. I honestly pray I never get that gift. You must have lots of friends...that think wow, how lucky I am to have such a friend....hope I don't know you,why don't you start a blog and then there will be need for discussions like this. It will be perfect...I can't wait...

The Bizness

The comment section is used to have discussions. Not a single commentator believes they are all knowing. I use this forum as a way to start discussions, and offer differing view points. I accept your opinion and would like to discuss issues with you, if you want.

I point out things I disagree with Sharon on, and I am not bullying her. I think she raises many good arguments, but I think she should back up claims she makes with references and sources.

I also know my grammar is usually very bad as well, so no point in bringing that to my attention.

dont get it

Fine....I agree with some of that, but then why did you have to point out that MY sentences were poorly written? You have no idea how many people that don't comment on Sharon's or anyone elses blogs etc. just because they are not the greatest spellers in the world.If this would stop I would really feel good and so would other people, every one has the right to state how they feel about something, without being poked fun of.Do you think you could do that? Maybe some of the others, could do the same. This is just so wrong, we were discussing things about our city and It ends up...the way I hate it to, I am done...Please have a good day..and a better tomorrow....

The Bizness

Sarcasm, that is why....but I do think that Sharon should change "we" to "I".

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Here here~~ that is the most intelligent COMMENT that has ever been posted on here. Too bad you can't take over for her... But then again when it comes to intelligence My 9 year old granddaughter would do a better job than she does!


I can't remember if I wrote this before, so I'll write it again (for those that didn't read it or if I never wrote it - HA!).

(To me) Johnson's blogs are informative. I don't always agree with her but I do appreciate the updates of what's happening in this town.

That said, thanks for the update on local projects. What's going on with the old crayon factory? Is it coming down soon?

Truth or Fiction

Thank you Sharon. Your comments show that the City (that includes Ms. Ard) are busy conducting the business of the City. Maybe you should provide Ms. Ard with her appraisal. That would please the paper, the commission, and probably Ms. Ard.


Interesting--all projects listed here began before Ard and the new Commission was elected.


Overpass is months ahead of schedule!

T. A. Schwanger

See what Port Washington Wisconsin is doing with their abandoned coal docks.

Possibility Sandusky could do the same including Erie Blacktop project.



Linky no worky.

T. A. Schwanger



highlight the link, copy and paste in search bar. The first link that appears is the one to view.


I've already figured out the site you intended, T.A.S.
I was just bringing it to your attention so you could copy and paste it better next time.

Highlight the address bar right click on it then hit copy. Then paste it in your comment. Much easier for most if the link is right.