City projects at a halt

Jun 11, 2013


My topic this week is about city projects moving at a snail’s pace.

The city projects are moving so slowly that I have to wonder if the projects have come to a complete halt.

Commissioners very seldom inquire about how the projects are progressing along when they are at the commission table. The city manager barely mentions the progression of her to-do-list of projects and when she does mention them, she needs to be prodded for further information. Sometimes a statement is offered here and there about environmental testing going on or the paperwork is holding things up, but how much longer can the excuses go on before something starts to happen? Is the city being honest with us about what is really going on with the projects?

We have projects going on for months and even years with nothing happening. How are the commissioners really communicating their directions to the city manager? Are they communicating through e-mails or are they personally communicating with the city manager by receiving information one at a time? Governing on a one by one basis is not a good way of governing because the other commissioners never know what is being discussed and how other commissioners’ thoughts are being conveyed on a particular project. In other words, some information may not be reaching all seven commissioners.

We have the Keller Building, City Hall, Lions Park Pathway, Apex, and the Fifth Street partnership project still unfinished. As for City Hall, there is a group lobbying to demolish the building while on the other hand, there is another group trying to save the Keller Building. There is always hope as long as the buildings are still standing. I understand that the same developer is possibly looking at taking another try at the Keller Building. Even though there is an order to press along with demolition of the Keller Building, I have to wonder if the city is purposely dragging their feet to assist the developer with one more try at saving the building. When will the wrecking ball finally rule? Time is running out and the safety risks are growing with each passing day.

It is frustrating not to see some of these projects move off dead center and completed in a reasonable time frame. I realize things move slowly when dealing with the government, but the situation has become downright ridiculous not to see something accomplished. Will the city’s procrastination cause it to lose out on grant money, or are we waiting for the engineer to be hired?

Until next week, I hope the city will not be kicking the can down the road a year from now on the same projects?


The Bizness

As usual this articles is worthless. You bring nothing to the conversation other than show how impossible it is to get anything done in this town.

I do agree that action should be taken on some of these though, but your articles does nothing to help move things forward.

Also your last sentence is a statement not a question.


@ Mr. Dictionary

As usual you bring nothing to the table by way of solutions. Im wondering if you understand the purpose of Ms. Johnson's posts.

What is your solution beyond lighting a fire under the bottoms of City officials.

The Bizness

She should not be writing a blog about innaction, while also taking no action herself. If writing a blog is action, well then, I guess that means I am taking action too by posting in the comment section.

She may raise legitimate questions regarding our local government, but why isn't she running for office, applying for jobs, organizing clean up efforts, or one of the many other ways a citizen can actual make a meaningful change.

The city should be taking action on these properties and here are my ideas.
1. The developer has 6 months to secure funding for the Keller building, if funding is not secured then the building is torn down at the taxpayers expense. A temporary park is put in its place, and the parcel will be put up for sale with tax breaks to whoever is willing to buy it.
2. The same scenario for the Sandusky Cabinets Site.
3. The Apex building is scheduled to come down this summer - no action necessary.
4. The Sandusky Bay Pavilion should be put up for sale, and offered to the highest bidder, however the areas directly adjacent to water shall be available to the public.
5. City Hall- City hall should be torn down, and placed where the tennis courts currently are and the building will be a LEED platinum building with a Zero Net Energy foot print. The area where the current City Hall is will be new tennis courts.


Now your talking Bizzy:

While many will disagree with you on some of your suggestions, You just accomplished what Ms. Johnson is trying to do in her blog. Clap Clap.

The Bizness

Thanks pavedparadise,

I don't expect many people to agree with many of things I say, most of my comments on here are just to get people thinking of different ways of doing things. Sharon, on the other hand just points out things she doesn't like, and never really seems to offer solutions.

Also she has a lot of information that I don't know whether or not is accurate or hearsay. Some sources, or PDF's of documents would go far. Just like the article about the marina a week or two ago, why not attached that contract for us all to read?


Maybe if the city manager wouldn't spend $20,000 on appealing a termination she won't win, that money could be spent improving the city, but you can't fix stupid....


Are blogs not edited or proofread?


@ Mr. Dictionary

As usual you bring nothing to the table by way of solutions. Im wondering if you understand the purpose of Ms. Johnson's posts.

What is your solution beyond lighting a fire under the bottoms of City officials


Look at some of the usual Register articles and then ask yourself if you could tell whether a blog was edited or proofread even if it was...


They can't even afford a spell checker, Samantha. Even though there are MANY free ones out there. I can't believe that a newspaper wouldn't use MS Word or Open Office is free and does everything the MS product does. I have both, JIC.


Inaction concerning projects have been going on as long as I can remember. This problem isn't a commission problem but instead, just a way of life in Sandusky. In the 70's the topic of an Urban Renewal project was a hot topic. Guess what? No Urban Renewal happened and the downtown still has many blighted areas that need to be torn down. If my home was in the same condition as the Keller Building and some of the trashy buildings on Columbus Ave, Market and Water streets...well my house would be torn down by now.

Snail pacing is just a way of life here.

Woody Hayes

Because she has nothing worth while to say and does not have a life. Sort of like you, pp.

J Cooper

She always has an opinion but never runs for office or runs her own business..... Easy to criticize, difficult to govern.


Don't let the simpletons get to you. I follow your blog.


I agree. I don't always have the same opinion but most of the time the blog is informative. I usually read the post also.



You are a political activist in Sandusky, Ohio. Who will join you to make change? I admire political activists. Most are too chicken sh!t to make change. Keep up the good work to make change. You are a patriot.

The Bizness

Show me a change she has made.


She brings up the questions and you respond to them. If you can't make change don't b***h. She makes you aware at the very least.

The Bizness

Aware of what? I am well aware of the issues well before her crappy blog posts are written.

Oh and I will continue to b***h about her posts. Because, well I don't like them.



Maybe you should contact the Register and have a "counter blog" sort of like the old "Point-- Counter Point" show.

The Bizness

While I like the idea, I just don't see what my counter point would be in some cases. I agree with her that action needs to be taken but I am just fed up with her lack of offering ideas to move the conversation forward. Have some balls and offer up some ideas for people to debate.


I see. You really like to B***H. Continue on. I like it myself on occasion. It's a good release.


not wanting to give some here the satisfaction I will leave some of this alone but there are some good points to this read: first I went down to bike week on Thursday night had to park down by the new marina and walked up to the party via water st and I gotta tellya if I were from out of town and coame in on a boat and docked at our marina I would have turned around and got my money back and went else where between the rubble and brocken glass all along the side walk in front of the keller bldg. it is a joke tear it down already and the other thing I will mention lions park the parking area is horrible driving there will ruin your car lets fix that before we worry about a pathway just some of my thoughts and spelling ,punctuation and no caps is for the trolls so they have something to do


lets pay ard less since she does less


just finish the over pass so that people arent always stuck by a train over by venice road.


I noticed this morning that demolition of the APEX Building has begon.


I thought the Apex domolition was going to take another month?

Julie R.

It's not only the city of Sandusky where projects come to a halt --- the county projects do, too. We've been hearing forever and a day about the Erie County Clerk of Court's records going online but obviously that also has come to a halt.