Back taxes could solve cash problem

May 21, 2013


My topic this week is collection oversight at 222 Meigs Street.

It seems the city has decided to finally take action on a landlord for non-payment of a water bill at a trailer court. Fifty thousand dollars is owed to the city over a five-year period, which the city will probably never see. Since when does the city allow a water bill for anyone to go unpaid for five years? How many more accounts are years behind from being collected?

In the past, the city has opted to charge the water debt to the landlord’s property taxes. The property taxes, as reported, are delinquent by $293,500. The back taxes owed should tell the city that different measures needed to be taken to collect what is owed, but the city kept tacking the debt amount onto the property taxes without really addressing the problem until five years later. The landlord has been on the city’s radar for several years so the city should have known better then to allow an unpaid water bill to go for even a year let alone five years.

The city states they have a revenue problem. If the city would just collect what it is owed, it would be surprised as to how much untapped revenue has been allowed to accumulate. Can you imagine what the city could do with $50,000?

How sad for the twenty-eight families who need to be relocated. Relocating the families will no doubt cause a financial hardship to them. We hope that the city will work with the tenants before the water is finally shut off.

Until next week, there has to be some accountability for opening up the water faucet and allowing the water to flow for five years before taking the situation in hand.



Sure is easy to say the city should have collected, but not say how. It's like trying to get blood from a turnip.... ain't gonna happen


Well I guess we all should stop paying our bills then, right?


Have the Clerk of Courts collect all rents and Have the judge order that the rent shall pay first the water bills and then begin to pay down the taxes. Land rent is probably $100 per lot. That's $33,600 per year. Would pay off water bill in about 18 to 20 months. Can't some legal eagle foster this solution?




I thought if you didn't pay your taxes they confiscated the property and sold it at Sheriff's auction. Why is this not being done? I wouldn't mind picking up some property on the cheap and renting out.

Julie R.

Gee, I don't know why my comments keep getting deleted for libel and defamation when everything I have ever said is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD.


Some of the Sandusky Register moderators cannot handle the truth. I see where trolls and flamers are beginning to take control of the comments section. The posting guidelines mean nothing to the trolls, flamers and the Sandusky Register moderators who allow the personal attacks against Sharon and others who post comments here.


you arent going to get that property cheap, cause who ever buys it is going to have to pay the taxes on it , theres no way around that


I thought the proceeds from the sale would go toward paying the back taxes, at least I thought that is how it works.

Julie R.

The proceeds from my deceased mother and stepfather's Huron property that I inherited --- property that they owned scot-free and clear for almost 40 years that was sold at a court-ordered sheriff sale over my objections and without my consent --- sure didn't go for back taxes. That's because there wasn't any back taxes owed --- and there never was. Neither did any of the proceeds go to the 4th beneficiary that was defrauded as a result of the fraudulent transfer of my mother's half seven months before her death.

Instead, after selling the property at a substantial discount well below what the auditor's office had it appraised for to a realtor to use as rental property, the court took close to $50K right off the top. Sheriff sale fees, clerk of courts fees, attorney fees to the snake Cleveland attorney for the preliminary judicial report that was filed that falsely stated there were no defects in the title, appraiser fees to the Huron appraiser who, according to the auditor's website, used properties in the city of Sandusky and the city of Vermilion as "comparable sales" to property situated in the city of Huron, plus another $33K that was left from a flat-out fraud $50K Home Equity Loan that a Huron bank allowed to be taken out by one of the Huronites several weeks before her stepfather's death by verifying she was on the title when everybody around knows that Transfer on Death Deeds (and I assume that also means fraud ones) don't go into effect until AFTER a person's death.

In other words, in Erie County property doesn't have to be in foreclosure or have back taxes owing to be sold at a sheriff sale. It can also be sold at a sheriff sale to cover up fraud on the properties of the elderly plus make sure the idiots that committed the fraud get to further benefit from it.


Uh oh, somebody woke up Julie and she's on her rant again.


Again? It never stops.


Willful ignorance?
"Willful Ignorance is A Cancer on America!"

“Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but usually manages to pick himself up, walk over or around it, and carry on.” Benjamin Franklin

“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”
Benjamin Franklin

Julie R.

The truth isn't a rant .... and the truth sure is UGLY, isn't it?


yea and the said part is the city will never see if , cause lets face it , even if they take ownership of said property and sell it at a sale , no one in their right mind is going to touch it knowing that the tax amount is what it is , so its just going to turn out to be another dead horse that the tax payers are going to have to take care of till someone does something with the property and that could be years and in the mean time , its going to cost the tax payers to maintain that property till something is done with it and thats just going to add to the bill that is already out of reach

The Big Dog's back

C'mon tea baggers, ante up.

Darwin's choice

In the potty again Big Dog? That koolaid is bad for your tooth!

J Cooper

What does the resident complainer comments about lawyers and or power of attorney or the other always make it political Tea Party comment have anything to do with this subject? So much time, so little knowledge, get a life or stay on subject.

Woody Hayes

Is there enough room on your flying saucer for you and the 5th street dog?


I can tell you something like this would never happen in Huron. I had a neighbor who was in Florida and did not pay the bill and less than 2 weeks of the due date City of Huron shut their water off and they even had to pay a turn on fee. They did not blame the city though as they said it was their screw-up.

Couple years ago happen to notice Huron Water Dept truck down the street and it was clear what they were doing.... shutting off the guy's water for non payment. They then moved slowly down the street cloer to my house and got out. I actually timed the process this time. One man in the truck went to the door and put a brighly colored notice on the door the other man popped the meter lid and put the long wrench in and shut the water off. Total time it took...........45 seconds from exit of truck to back in the truck. I was awamzed at how short the time.

So if there is a delinquent water bill in Huron it's not going to be much more than one quarter for they shut the water off FAST for non payment.

Alas, Huron may be the "Great Lake Place" but they are certainly not giving FREE water to anyone who lives here. Maybe that is why City of Huron always has surplus money carry over at the end of the year and City os Sandusky is in the RED.

J. Hartman

Sharon, I believe I just might have an answer that solves a few problems. This is not a dig, so please don't take it that way. You seem to be an expert on digging up who owes for what, how much, for how long, and why. Just my humble opinion, but why not ask the city to allow you to serve as a bill collector? You would work on a percentage of what you collect and would do so without receiving any benefits. Lets say you ask for 15% of everything you are able to collect. I have no idea what the actual numbers are, but through in unpaid court costs as well! You could be a rich woman by the end of the year if you approached the task in the same manor you point out what chinks are in the armor. Again, that wasn't a dig, but a serious statement and one that makes perfect sense to me anyways. Of course you can always wait a few months and then use this idea as your own as it seems to be common practice and work well for others. S.M.I.L.E.



J. Hartman

Please forgive my ignorance pavedparadise, but I need to be enlightened on what L.T.R.C.G. stands for? Good or bad, I welcome both as either way I will learn something new. By the way, I love the raspberry slushies! Yep, that good. S.M.I.L.E.


Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

J. Hartman

I thank you for the reply and now I can take this new knowledge back to the other 50 people I asked about the meaning. Granted we all graduated from Kent State(majority anyways)but that's a whole other story. As for L.T.R.C.G., that might be the case, but I'm still a big fan of the thought process where "if you can dream it, you can achieve it" Not sure encouraging one to dream big is the cool/normal thing to do nowadays, but I still have faith there's a few more folks out there who feel the same. Thank you again for the enlightenment!


It only stands to reason that the people who do pay their debts will be picking up the tab for people who don't pay. When the city can't collect what is owed to them, then the city will no doubt come to the taxpayer asking for more in income taxes, property taxes, higher water fees, and the list goes on. Why bother collecting what is owed when you can always ask for more revenue and take the easy way out. When a city lacks collection enforcement, word gets out that the city starts to attract more people who don't pay their bills on time. The taxpayers pay hefty salaries to the heads of departments to oversee the collections not write collections off and ask for more revenue.


"The taxpayers pay hefty salaries to the heads of departments to oversee the collections not write collections off and ask for more revenue".

Overpaid and underworked. I wish I got paid the big bucks for not doing my job.


Believe me that Whole neighborhood should be cleaned up and got rid of all those trailers that's a disgusting place……


Two questions:
Why did the city let the bill go for so long?
Why ask for it now?

Julie R.

I say more power to the people that don't pay their taxes. After all, my mother and stepfather paid their taxes faithfully for 45 years and for what? So the property could be sold at a substantial discount after their deaths with serious defects in the title at a scam court-ordered sheriff sale to be used as rental property ..... and so every Bonnie & Clyde around ~ including, but not limited to, the sheriff's department and the Erie County common pleas court ~ could make money stemming from the fraud on the property?


There was no fraud or you would have won a lawsuit & regained the property. Didn't happen.

Julie R.

Oh, there was fraud alright .... but the fraud on the property of an elderly person seven months before her death was nothing compared to the rest of the criminal acts. I'm going to write DeWine and tell him if he thinks his new law is going to stop crimes against the elderly, he's sadly mistaken. He won't in corrupt Erie County, anyway.

Julie R.

And then there's your public officials.....they get their taxes "forgiven."

Woody Hayes

Why write, just fly down there in the flying saucer. I'm sure AG DeWine would get a charge out of that.