Foundation donations aid city projects

May 14, 2013


My topic this week is the generosity of the foundations in our community.

We are all very thankful for the many things that the various foundations have done for the community.  I envy them as to how they organize and open up their wallets to get the job done before the city even thinks about where to get the money to solve the problem.

Sometimes foundation money will come with conditions in the way of matching funds or other requests that come attached to the donation. I can’t blame the actions of the foundations or the non-profits for trying to move things ahead faster then the city is able to do so. Often when the city partners up with the foundations or the non-profits, things can get complex when launching their projects. In order for the end results to happened, it takes the government entity time to cut through the process when dealing with tax dollars in order to protect those dollars while following proper protocol.

A good example of a donation is the downtown parking study plan. Mainstreet Association wanted a parking plan but it knew the city couldn’t afford such a plan. They needed to come up with a little incentive money, foundation money, in order to get the city to expend the money.  Mainstreet Association chose the consultant, brokered a discounted fee, signed the contract, and they will be participating in the actual data collection.  It appeared that the city lost total control of the situation with Mainstreet handling all the details. It gave the impression that all the city had to do was donate $18,500 to match the foundation’s money of $20,000 for a total of $38,500 needed for the study.

Mainstreet’s process is not the city’s usual format of conducting business. Only one city commissioner took exception as to how the procedure was being implemented. I hope the commissioner will continue to speak up over how transactions are being handled in the future.

Until next week, hopefully, the commission will not make it a habit of implementing unusual ways of doing things.


The Bizness

"Until next week, hopefully, the commission will not make it a habit of implementing unusual ways of doing things." - HUHHHHH????????

The commission should always be looking for unusual ways of doing things. The way things currently are being done are not working.

I may not understand her points in this article, but why wouldn't a city want to work with a foundation? Especially one that is directly impacted by what is going to be done.

This city needs people to think outside the box, that work with private industry, to attract new and innovative ideas on ways to bring new jobs into the city and area.

The Answer Person

And you have donated HOW MUCH to the foundations Sharon???

T. A. Schwanger


Greetings AnswerPerson:

The Whightman/Weiber Safety Committee/Foundation recently gave the City a $10,000 grant, if the City matched, for restroom repairs and new roofing at the Sandusky Bay Pavilion.

How about opening up your checkbook to help?


See, there is the problem this city has. Let's keep throwing money at a hole and ignore the reality of the facility. Look at what that mentality got the Keller Building.

It is ok as long as it is other peoples money, right? Well, atleast 50% of it.


Enlighten us all what is the reality of the hole?

Here's my take--how did the Keller Building get in the shape it is in? City neglect. How did the Sandusky Bay Pavilion get into the shape its in?
City Commission and management staff neglect. How did City Hall come to need repairs? City Commission and management staff neglect.

J. Hartman

That's what I like to hear/read! Thinking outside of the box, taking a risk, not being scared to go against the norm, and erasing failure from your vocabulary! The ideas are out there, but until they come out of the right persons mouth, the world will remain flat! That being said, things are actually moving in a positive direction and slowly some good things are starting to take shape. My personal opinion and observations, if you take a look across the board, you'll see as a whole the right people are in the right places and the city is once again on the rise. You'll never agree 100% on all the decisions made, but just listen to all the positive talk going on! That positive talk is happening because the mind set is slowly becoming a little more positive each day! S.M.I.L.E.

Sharin' Johnson

The city needs to keep doing things they way they been doing it because things are going great. Also, parking is bad, we should not have any because of past situations.

Woody Hayes

My topic next week is where I stick my black notebook when I'm not using it.