Pavilion key to downtown business

Apr 30, 2013


My topic this week is the constant tug of war over remodeling City Hall and the pavilion.

Every time people start to ask about remodeling City Hall or the pavilion, the excuses are always the same, we are looking to move City Hall or the pavilion needs a master plan. In the meantime, nothing is accomplished and the facilities are left to deteriorate even more creating a real necessity for getting rid of the property because of the rundown condition. The city can never make a final decision either way so it can move on with the projects.

The pavilion has become a unique gathering place for events and a great economic tool for the city. Every weekend should be filled with a pavilion event to bring people downtown. With thousands of people coming to the park, there is a need to have enough restroom facilities to accommodate a large group of visitors so they don’t have to leave the festivities in need of a restroom. The situation is especially important when you have children attending the events. There are restrooms at the front of the pavilion, but they are not enough to accommodate a large group of people and unsightly port-a-potties are out of the question.

Almost a year has passed since the state assessed the pavilion urging the city to step up their plans to get something done at the facility. Small steps have been taken regarding maintenance issues but nothing has been done to address the major issues. The pool remains a health issue with stagnate water that has to be treated and monitored. There is a safety issue with keeping the public away from the pool area. Heavy-duty fencing is presently surrounding the pool and the outer perimeter is roped off by steel cable with signs, but is that enough to exempt the city from any liability? Roping off parks due to liability issues should only be a temporary fix and not a permanent solution to a health or safety issue.

Waiting on a master plan should not keep the city from at least obtaining an estimate on how much it would cost to remove the pool completely from the park because of the safety and health issue it presents. Filling the pool in with dirt is not an option because there is no where for the ground to drain and it will become a wetland.

Once again, the Foundation has come to the rescue donating money towards the city’s matching money to at least patch or fix the roof and get the restrooms up and running for the upcoming events. The issue needs to be front and center in order to bring people down to the park. The roof cannot be allowed to deteriorate any further where the water is allowed to invade the actual structure of the roof itself. The city just spent $18,500 on a parking study and it is about to spend $14,000 on a pergola and we can’t even get the needed repairs done to the pavilion.

Until next week, lack of any kind of maintenance will give the visitors a bad impression that the city lacks pride in its parks.



Punch holes or break up the bottom of the pool and it won`t become a wetland.


Why are port-a-potties out of the question? I've never been to any large outdoor festival anywhere that didn't have them. The lack of permanent facilities doesn't keep people from attending. Way to be a snob.


She's not even taking credit for this post. LOL It's filed under "Anonymous."


Sandusky has failed to develop a Master Plan for its future for decades. Without a plan, Sandusky continues to wander aimlessly as a victim to unscrupulous opportunists. We hired a City Manager that claimed to have expertise to move us forward. Either LEAD, FOLLOW or GET OUT OF THE WAY!

The Bizness

"Until next week, lack of any kind of maintenance will give the visitors a bad impression that the city lacks pride in its parks." This will all be fixed by next week :)

The new Marina has an amphitheater, and makes for a great downtown destination with Dockside Cafe. The pavilion offers an area for bigger festivals/events and I think the restrooms are fairly adequate. The wave pool just needs to be bulldozed and the park would be a very nice location again.


reader is correct. then add #57 stone ($400) then 6 inches topsoil (free from pile stored at mills golf ) Time for city workers to do the entire job.......

The Bizness

Very true. Hell, throw in a cistern there and use it to water the surrounding plants in the middle of summer.

The Answer Person

Once again the mouth blabs about what OTHERS should be doing and yet takes NO ACTION towards that end. As I have often said, "Get out YOUR checkbook and start the fund raising." Boring........


The city can never make a "final decision" because second guessing monday morning quarterbacks will rake them over the coals for any decision that is made. This mentality is the reason the city is in the shape it is today. The detractors only detract, they refuse to add value to the process. The constant detractors, like the auther and her ilk, need to run for city commission and change things the way they want changed. Other wise what are they really contributing? Are they afraid of doing some work? Are they afraid of people like themselves doing to them what they continue to do to city leaders.

Ms. Johnson and her husband like to go into downtown business and try to stir things up, but yet they will not do anything with there name attached. I wonder why?

Mr. Westerhold, Mr. Phares, and the entire staff of the Register could do this area a great service by replacing this blog with someone that actually had the gall to fight for what they think is right by sticking their necks out. Instead we get someone that slings the mud from the sidelines.

On a seperate note, speaking from an engineering perspective, filling the pool with dirt could very well be an option. It has been done before.

T. A. Schwanger


I never did, nor will I ever, understand the philosophy of the only way a taxpaying citizen should be involved or share concerns in government decisions is to run for office. I for one did not elect commissioners to make decisions on the wholesale sale of public property along our waterfront. Or approve private contracts that do not benefit the City.

What you call detractors are in reality opposing opinions for the good of all concerned not just the benefit of a few.

The answer to the City's problems is for more citizens like Sharon to come forward with concerns over streets repair, the condition of trees in the City, etc. There is security in numbers.


Never stated it was the only way. However, I think that most people believe that if you can do it better, then you should run for office. Do something more than shout from the sidelines. Healthy debate is always that, healthy. However, when people complain just to complain and add no real value to the process other than their complaints, then they add no value to the community.

T. A. Schwanger


Thanks again Ms. Johnson for a blog generating public discussion.

As an update on the Sandusky Bay Pavilion, City crews are in the process of installing new sinks, toilets and plumbing thanks to a $10,000 matching grant from a local foundation. There is discussion regarding fixing the roofing system if enough funds are left over or if additional funds become available.

In SOSP's opinion, a Sandusky Bay Pavilion/Battery Park Master Plan and implementation of a master plan is years away. To stop "demolition by decay", something needed to be done with the restrooms and roof to carry us to the day of master plan implementation. SOSP and friends has agreed to participate in cosmetic improvements with help from the City donating materials.

Once the City gets to the Master Plan process, all options should be discussed including a no frills swimming pool.

T. A. Schwanger
Pres; Save Our Shoreline Parks