City Hall move wouldn't be free

Mar 26, 2013


My topic this week is the county’s offer to move City Hall into the county building.

It seems mighty generous of the county to donate land for the court and police station with little to no rent to house the city offices in the county building. It is not everyday the city receives a free offer, but is it a good move for Sandusky? Would Sandusky lose its identity?

In these trying times of thinking outside the box for revenue, government entities have to look for where they can get the most out of their tax dollars. There is so much talk about merging services with other entities to save money, but at what point does merging become annexation without proper representation?

As for Sandusky’s move to the county building, it will cost us. People can donate money and land but there are still expenses in the way of consultants to pull it all off. One consultant can easily make $200,000 a year when trying to get a project off the ground.

With the budget the way it is, how does the city obtain the money to pay the consultants? An income tax increase does come to mind. How do you get an income tax passed? The city can tell the voters it needs to cut staff and services in order to persuade the taxpayer that the income tax levy must be passed. Presently, the city is in need of the basic essentials to keep the city running, but if the city does decided to move City Hall, extra money will be needed.

Will the city fall into the same situation that Perkins is in now? Perkins built a brand new police station and then threatens to lay off all their police officers if the police levy doesn’t pass because they have no money to staff the new station.

There are a lot of questions about the move and the devil is in the details. For one, I don’t wish to see my police department or municipal court located in Perkins Township. These operations belong in Sandusky. Annex us but don’t deceive us in the name of merging.

Secondly, the city will have their offices scattered all over the area from the Service Center to Perkins Township and out to the county building, forget about one stop shopping. Everyone will be chased all over the place to conduct any business with the city. The city would be maintaining separate buildings instead of housing all the operations under one roof for ease of maintenance and other expenses. The school just got through merging their buildings for the same reason.

Until next week, nothing in life is free so I hope the city will proceed with caution when dealing with the county. When it looks too good to be true, it usually is too good to be true. The word “free” has proven to be deceiving, just ask Huron Schools when they hired the free attorney.



Why bother to move just yet anyway. Best to wait and see at this point, don't you think?

People in Perkins and Sandusky may soon have to face a terrible truth, this economy is tearing apart the very fabric of a nation and at the same time forcing smaller communities to unite to survive. It is no longer a matter of a possible merger, it is a matter of survival. There is nothing wrong with that. Even Lincoln knew that a "house divided against itself cannot stand" and the sooner we learn that lesson, the better off we will all be. That simple yellow line down the middle of Perkins Ave will have to stop being a division of peoples and become a link of peoples.

If Perkins and Sandusky needs to join together to survive, then so be it. Let the two places become one and elect people from both Sandusky and Perkins to "run the show". Let there be two police chiefs: Klamar and Orzech could do a good job together. Let there be two fire chiefs. Why not. Can you imagine a group of people working together and not apart? I can.

I can also remember someone posting on here that the council people have a credit check done. That is a BRILLIANT idea. If they cannot run their own finances, they shouldn't be running the city's finances either, nor should they be on welfare. That is a great statement. Good for who thought that one up. Smart thinking.

Two heads are always better than one. This isn't all bad. Think up a new name so it incorporates both places. Perkins won't need a new school. Sandusky High is plenty big enough. If they have to expand, I believe that school can go UP if necessary. Perkins new football field is great. Problems solved.

So combining isn't that big a problem. Sometimes when life hands you lemons you must learn to make lemonaide. There shouldn't be this much controversay. Some people just LOVE to make mountains out of mole hills and they love to make problems where there are none.

Stop the negativity and start thinking about the positive. It may not sell newspapers, but it sure makes people feel better.

Why not try it. The sun feels better any day than the dismall feel of gray clouds and rainy skys.

The Don

Well said!


How about Perkins becomes a municipality and annexes Sandusky????


Before that can be done , the city and township would have to check into the suite that was filed some years ago , and find out if it was dismissed or what became of that .Before any talks could begin , or at least thats what I am thinking


I am thinking that there arent a lot of people out here that are looking at the whole picture .
There are a couple of good reasons we need to think about moving city hall .
The building from what I have read is in need to repair and updates . As you all know , if you have been keeping up with home delievery of the Sandusky paper , there are links in the roof that is over the court room as well as other repairs that the building is in need of , and if you stop and think about it, even if it does cost to move the city building its still may be cheaper on the tax payers of sandusky , as well as it could be a savings to the city long term
As they say , you have to spend money to save money , and we need to look at the whole picture and not just the cost of moving and find out which would be most cost effective long term


wiredmomma , I agree that the two should turn into one , and that being said , it would be senseles to have two fire chiefs and two police chiefs and that cutting one each would be a great deal of savings in itself , , if you need to decide who to keep and who to let go , , well theres one option that comes to my mind and that is hold a special election and let the people of perkins and sandusky decide and that will take the pressure off the goverment bodies so they can focus on the more emportant things . like putting both the sandusky and perkins in a healthier way all the way around .
Its just an idea that should be looked into , now that the times call for changes .
The tax payers of both sandusky as well as perkins deserve a goverment that can do whats in the best intrest of the two , and stop playing the turff war .
I know there was some talk some years ago that sandusky want to anex with perkins and if I recall correctly , Perkins filed suit in federal court to block it . Now that if I remember right . Bot things have change and not for the best and now its time to place any eggos on the self and get the work done thats going to make the finacial black ink into the red
Just remember this is only an idea that deserves a good honest look

wiredmama222 are right, it would be counterproductive to have two. One of each would be sufficient. Good point. I like your other points of the special elections. I understand your concerns as well. There is much to be decided and it wouldn't happen over night, but this is all something that is possible.


When my roof leaks, I repair or replace.
When my furnace and ac can't keep up, I repair or replace.
When things are running smooth, I maintain.
Only with tax dollars do elected people build new when repair, replace and maintain would have worked just as well at less cost. For what? They want their name on a bronze plaque !



I hope all the "lets move City Hall" crowd reads your post.

The parking lot on the north side of the building has needed a simple fresh coat of tar overcoat and stripping for at least 5 years but continued neglect and blacktop grinding and resurfacing will be needed at substantial cost---all part of the Smith Plan.

Erie County Resident

@ gene44870 I take it you don't live in either place. If I remember right you stated once a long time ago you don't even live in the county. (If that is the case keep your nose out of it.)

Perkins does NOT want anything that Sandusky has to offer. It's very obvious that Sandusky's PD can't get a handle on much of anything.
Our trutees are messed up but not near as bad as the city commission.
Perkins people do not want to "import" the BS from the downtown offices and non-flowing flow chart.

If they take your goofy idea and hold a special election that would be pretty skewed as the Sandusky numbers are a lot bigger than the Perkins numbers. If that election were to happen it should be 2 seperate ones. Neither ones outcome would be able to override the other, they would both have to be one way or the other but not counted together.


I got some eye opening news for you , I do live in sandusky and have for 51 years .what about you my friend?

Truth or Fiction

I believe wiredmama222 hit the point. Why can't we work together?


Thanks Truth or Fiction...I appreciate that.

the unsilent majority's picture
the unsilent ma...

I guess maybe ill say what some of us perkins folks may be thinking. Sandusky is turning into a slum and we dont want your garbage. Your city is being taken over by a bunch of section 8 dependent slumlords who dont give one flying crap about the quality of people they let live in their dilapidated buildings. There are still alot of good people in sandusky but their numbers are dwindeling. Personally i dont want the increasing deadbeat population in sandusky having anything to do with decisions made for me in the township. What i am saying may be offensive and even a little racist if you want to take it that way but its reality. If we want to sit down and have a real meaningful talk about making it work, some things may need to be said that will hurt someones feelings. We have problems in perkins too (a super shady school board and superintendant) but no where near as bad as in the city. Forgive us for not wanting to take on your problems too. As for me, i grew up in sandusky when it was a pretty decent place to live but now i wouldnt let my kids roam the streets there. Crack down on the slumlords and clean up the population a bit and maybe we can talk mergers.

The Don

Alot of the slumlords that own proerty in sandusky do live in Perkins. They run the ----holes. Just sayin. They don't want to keep the places nice. So they let the same idiots rent them. They just want that government paid rent.

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the unsilent ma...

Thats very possible. Wherevever the slumlords are hiding they should be delt with. Another example of how government handouts destroy things not make them better

Julie R.

I know quite a few people in HURON that own rental properties in Sandusky. In fact, I know of one that works at the courthouse --- her and her husband have several. Don't know if it's true, but I heard they tried to sell one about six months ago but the loan fell through because of "problems" found in the title.


People from all around Sandusky own rental property within the city . They don't live there for a reason. They have learned the magic of entitlement except on a higher level. They have the federal government pay them to supply substandard housing to those getting the handouts. How sweet of a deal is that.


you know the thing that bothers me the most and I will never understand , is that people on these blobs come on here and complain about this that and the other thing and dont do anything about
If you want to make this a better place for both sandusky and perkins , then get off you duffs and run for office and try and get others to work with you to better the two and make this a safer and better place to live .

Julie R.

What good does it do to complain in corrupt Erie County? Pretty pathetic when one has to actually file complaints that a COURT has to follow the LAW ~ fraudulently transferred property had to be put back into the correct owner's probate estate so it could be sold with a clear title ~ and the corrupt courts flaunt right in your face that they don't have to and they sell it instead with a defective title at a sheriff sale to a realtor to use as rental property.


some of you have missed the point and some of you haven't. For those of you who like "truth", here is one piece that you may not like either, Perkins is NOT all that great in itself. Of late, some of your residents have come to believe that they are better than others in their nearby town of Sandusky. When it comes down to it, we are all just people. No one is that much "better" than the other guy. You have a few residents in Perkins I wouldn't want to associate with either, but that wouldn't stop me from any annexation discussion for the good of all. What nonsense that would be. You are not being asked to live next door to someone you dislike, nor are you being asked to do anything that comes difficult to you. So relax and take a breath.

Annexation isn't a bad thing like some of you seem to think. Its simply a form of two governments sharing the income and responsibilities of an area. Sure there would be things that needed to be cleared before this happened.

Like I said, anyone who wanted to be part of the "new government" would have to run for a seat. I really liked the idea presented by a Perkins resident who said that anyone running for a seat should have to prove they can handle their own money before they ran. At least we would know what their abilities were in handling funds. I think that is a great idea. Secondly, I think it would be a good idea to rename our combined area to something we could agree on....not Perkins and not Sandusky.

I also agree with the person who said we don't need to chief's of police and two chiefs for the fire department. I agree. That is a good idea.

We could also conserve by having an elected Mayor and an elected city manager....someone who KNOWS what they are doing by having someone with credentials and experience.

Perkins seems to have a pretty good street department: I would keep the guys you have running it. Everyone admires your men's ability to get your plows and salt trucks out there fast. Let whoever runs your street department to take the lead with our guys.

There are tons of things that need to be done, but all of it can be handled if done right and with cooperation and the right attitude it can be done well.

There is NO reason that it has to be a bad thing, like I said. Who knows, with the right people at the helm, even the bad parts of Sandusky could be fixed up by "shaming" the slum lords into taking care of their properties. Stranger things have happened. And with the right police chief in charge....things can be straightened out with crime as well.

The best thing is that people working together with a good attitude of cooperation and caring can create miracles. The wrong thing would be to let two good communities sink because no one was willing to try. How sad is that? Its just an idea to consider if the need arises. Just in case.

T. A. Schwanger

Couple of added points here.

I was shown information there was a vote to annex Perkins in the 1950s and it failed.

The reason why Ford and GM built south of Perkins Ave in the 1950s is because Sandusky business owners vocally opposed the idea of building in Sandusky out of fear they would have to pay their employees a higher wage. Building those plants in Sandusky would have meant significantly higher income taxes collected by Sandusky and quite possibly averting the financial and services mess Sandusky now faces.

I sat down with the predecessor of the Erie County Economic Development Corporation, then called GEM, and the director at the time, and I quote, stated "we don't want an employer with 1000 employees coming to Sandusky because after 10 years they may close their doors leaving a hole in Sandusky's finances". I'm hoping ECEDC, which Sandusky pays $30,000 a year, does not share the same philosophy.


It is no wonder this town is in such bad shape. Why does Sandusky pay them $30,000 per year? They shouldn't get a DIME as far as I am concerned. With ideals such as that, they should pay the CITY.

The days of being singular are about over. Think back to your school days when they talked about cities of the future....megacities. They are coming up fast. Like it or not, we are seriously going to have to start thinking about pooling resources to survivie. Like it or not, that seems to be the way things are going. We have priced ourselves right out of the ballpark on some things and it is our own faults.

Merging is no longer the bad word we once thought it was. In fact, it may mean survivial for a great many smaller places and that isn't the worse thing in the world.

Go back to the other posting similar to this one, TA and see what I wrote. I am just saying that before everyone has a coronary (like I just really did survivie), you should all face some really tough things and stop looking at the negatives and start looking at the positives before everyone goes all bonkers about this. Who knows, you might find some things to your liking before you all say NO WAY.

At least roll it around in your minds before you stop thinking. At least THINK about it before you say NO. That is all I am asking. Its just an idea. Just a suggestion. Who knows. Maybe it is a solution who's time is right. It might be something that could work in stages. Stranger things have happened.