Police chief search committee turns over new, more open leaf

Dec 4, 2012


My topic this week is the second round of the Police Chief Selection Committee.

After attending the first meeting of the retake of the Police Chief Selection Committee, I gave the staff and the committee an A+ for the teamwork they displayed.

Mr. Icsman physically appeared before the committee to let them know that the committee is considered a public body. He proceeded to enlighten them about the obligations of a public body. Before leaving the meeting, Mr. Icsman offered his help if the group should need further assistance from him. There was no question that his legal expertise was needed in assisting the group.

The definition of a “public body”: Any board, commission, committee, subcommittee, council, or similar decision making body of a state agency, institution, or authority, and any legislative authority or board, commission, committee, council, agency, authority, or similar decision making body of any county, township, municipal corporation, school district, or other political subdivision or local public institution.

As for the Human Resource staff member attending the meeting, she documented the meeting with assistance from a tape recorder so minutes of the meeting will be available.

HR should be trained in the Sunshine Law. If the HR staff member had been properly trained, she could have assisted the committee tremendously with her knowledge because she would have had the training to implement the following items listed below, which is required of a public body.

Basic 101 of the Sunshine Law:

Doors are to be unlocked during the public body meeting.

Minutes shall be promptly prepared, filed and maintained and open for public inspection.

Meetings are to be announced ahead of time. If a special meeting is called, other then the regular meetings, a twenty-four hour notice is required.

Meetings are to be open to the public.

Public bodies are allowed to go into executive session if the occasion warrants.

Until next week, the city staff and the commissioners must become more proactive and work as a team in order to prevent unnecessary legal expenses. There is absolutely no room for ignorance of the law when the Sunshine Law training is offered free by the State.



You are getting better at researching and writing, Sharon. Good on you.


How sad that you actually have to tell someone writing a column that their writing is getting better.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Libel and defamation.



This data tell you those who answered the survey use the internet and other media at a 3-1 margin rather than written communication. Does that surprise you?


The new Sunshine Law book, called the Yellow Book, is online for all to read. Too bad those on the school board in Huron didn't read that one or they might not be in the mess they are in.

Yes, this committee is considered to be a public body and board, bound by all the rules and regulations of any government body. Good for Mr. Icsman that he is giving them some of his time. I would LOVE to know if any of the 40 new applicants have been discussed and if I have time, am going to "drop in" to see just how active this committee has become in moving forward with their search.

The HR department should also have known that their advertisement should have made an absolute match with the Charter...too bad that wasn't something out HR department didn't know then. I hope they realize that for furture reference.

I am sure that while keeping a recording of the meeting and minutes of regular meetings they are aware that it is not necessary nor legal under the sunshine law to do so while in executive session. In fact, you are not supposed to do so at all. That is why there are no records of executive sessions to be given to anyone. They are not kept. (despite those in town who scream and yell about transparency in government...that is one part of meetings that does not have to be open to anyone)

I do hope that this committee gets on with it and makes some progress soon with few obsticles and even fewer mistakes. They certainly cannot afford any this time around.

Good luck to them all.


That data tells me people can't read.


Wiredmama is proof of that


I read very well, 69 Your just mad because I tell the truth. Because your people in Huron didn't get it right? How sad. At least those in Sandusky do. Take your problems elsewhere. You guys blew it, we didn't. I feel sorry for you.

At least I can read where apparently your people cannot. And those of us in Sandusky certainly can. So sorry the comprehension of your board members cannot and apparently you can't either. I am not responsible for the facts that your board members cannot follow rules.

In fact, I am not responsible for the mess in Huron. That lays strictly with your board. The truth sometimes hurts a lot. So i you have a problem with that and your board, go talk with them. You can't solve it here. It doesn't fit with those who can read the sunshine laws and that is what this is all about. Not some other problems which have NOTHING to do with sunshine laws.

Julie R.

People in Huron sure can't read. I know somebody from Huron that signed a fraud quitclaims deed that falsely stated he was my mother's power of attorney when he sure wasn't. He said he just signed where the other fraud Huronite power of attorney told him to --- he never bothered to read what he signed. (sounds like something an ignorant attorney would say)

Swamp Fox

Can I have my own blog, I never owned a local business, never ran or held elected office, and will promise to always agree with the management of this newspaper.


Did you ever stand up in front of the commission and question every little thing they did? Every questions them until they said "your five minutes are up?"

then you don't qualify. That's how she got this blog. She had the audacity to question everything the commission did until the paper gave her this and then agreed to write about what she questions at the commission meetings. THAT'S how you get your own blog, I guess.

I have often wondered what they would do if you questioned everything the paper said. I went on between the lines because I had the audacity to battle with Matt Westerhold and called him out on the police department. I felt he was wrong in his assessment. But I found you cannot get a word in edgewise with Matt until HE is done talking if you are polite. LOL Matt does not like the police department very much and he is honest enough to say so. But I disagreed. I don't write a blog. I just go on here and rant.



Have at it. But, don't discuss anything of merit. Only worthless dribble.

car 54

Icsman loves playing savior. The law department could have outlined the rules for Commissioner Brown. Our local commission now has to rewrite application questions, for the 2nd time.


If Icsman was any kind of savior he would have done it right the FIRST time would he not? I find it ironic that he now tells them to call him and leaves the room. I would think he would find time to stay there and observe, would he not? Why leave when he should be staying incase there are questions.

As for the commission, should they not already have that done? Is that not the business of the committee? Why is the commission doing the job of the committee?

car 54

Teflon Don lives.