Taxpayers lose in Sandusky city vs. Erie County suit

Nov 20, 2012

My topic this week is the City of Sandusky suing Erie County.

It is unfortunate that a lawsuit had to be filed.  As for the water rate furnished to the county, I don’t know how low Sandusky can go with their water rate without giving the water away.

In this case, when two entities don’t see eye-to-eye, the taxpayer will suffer a double financial loss because the two entities share the same taxpayer.  In the end, it will cost us through increased water bills.

Years ago, the city had an over abundance of funds in their water and sewer funds and now there is only about half that amount in the funds. The last rate increase was in 2003, and it was supposed to be over a three-year program. The funds are depleting at a rapid rate, and we need to replenish those funds. It is not if the water rates will increase but when they will increase.

Both entities need each other while trying to maintain their own identities, which is a difficult balance. There are often times when both entities must work together to utilize funds that are available to them in order to get a project done.  It takes teamwork, cooperation, and communication. No matter what happens, the two entities need to find a way to coexist for the sake of the taxpayer

The water contract between the two entities provides for tools to be in place and different avenues to take when looking at amendments or disputes.  There is a Board of Review and arbitration to handle any disputes before even taking the dispute all the way to court.   

Until next time, we hope the lawsuit can be settled out of court and the two sides start to communicate in a professional manner.      



T. A. Schwanger


Ms. Johnson is a grown woman. She doesn't need me or anyone else to defend her.

Take a look at all blogs written by the newspaper staff and others and you'll notice a patern------they are all opinion based aimed at starting dialog in the community.

In this particular instance, the previous news story and associated PDF are available on this site.

Regarding your opinion on the Police ICMA Study, I question aloud what part is the current City Manager playing in the implementation of the ICMA Study? It's been months since an update on the study progress aside from the $50,000 station upgrade thanks to the CEO of Cedar Point's donation.


please read my answer need not post it twice.


After reading the contract that was placed on line with the original story that ran, you can better understand the blog. Thanks to the Register for placing the PDF up on line with the original story so people can better understand the conditions outlined in the water contract.


The city expected more water to be used by the county than has been used. This is pretty subjective isn't it? The county is going to say that they have no control over their customers' water usage.

Since the county residents haven't met the expectations of the city's water department the city wants to assess each one of the 9,000 county water customers $944 through this suit. (9,000 * $944=$8,496,000)